Mangirl! Episode 9

Unexpected as it is, this episode was adorable. I don’t know why it was adorable, probably the recipe, that I worked out for watching this show, worked (lowest expectations, skip the opening; though I did not even bother skipping it this time). Also, maybe I enjoy the show more because I have gotten to know the characters better, and that helps. It is a slice of life genre and it is all about characters, after all.

But anyway, by now I can recommend you to watch two episodes, at least, 8th and 9th. Or, rather you can maraphon the whole show, it is not that long.

This episode was all about how the girls from help their manga artists with some small things. Like taking care of pets, while mangaka is on a trip. Or watering plants for them. Or taking care of their cosplay costumes collection, so a managa artist can get some space in his house to make room for his parents to stay. Or pretending to be a girlfriend of a mangaka, whose parents are going to make an arranged marriage for him. O_o What?

Mangirl Episode 9 Hana and Ringo

That blond girl is Ringo. She is going to play a role of a girlfriend for her manga artist, so he can escape the “arranged marriage”, whatever that is.

Also there was a little bit of cosplaying done.

Mangirl Episode 9 Aki Tsugumi Hana Ringo

They made Aki to do cosplay again

Oh, and great news. No Hana fanservice this episode. I thought that they will keep it up till the end of the series. Not that I have strong views against fanservice, but in a show like this, it is so obvious why they put it in there, and it makes the show feel cheap, kind of. Anyway, the episode was good, if you watched the show so far, don’t stop now. See you next time (^_^)/

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