Senyuu. Episode 9.

Two new characters. More ribs. Alba’s voice. That is it, can I finish the post right here? Naaah, you need to upload a couple of pictures, so people would have something nice to look at, even if you can’t give them something nice to read.

So, here is the first new character, ominous Dezebmer Zwolf. He probably is a demon.

Senyuu Episode 9 Dezebmer Zwolf

Dezebmer Zwolf

And here is the second one, a perverted cat Michelajul Lortelia. Do you want to know more about this perverted cat? I don’t : D But here is the picture of it:

Senyuu Episode 9 Michelajul Lortelia

Michelajul Lortelia

Oh, and also we were introduced to the producer of the show, Yutaka Yamamoto. Besides Senyuu he worked on Lucky Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and lots of other very good shows. Quite a surprise.

Senyuu Episode 9 Yutaka Yamamoto

Yutaka Yamamoto

I probably made an impression that I turned against the show. But that is not so. I like the series, and the more I like a show, the higher goes my expectation for the next episode. And Senyuu did not meet them this time (at the last time, for that matter). But the show is still good enough to watch.

Fun fact of the day, 9th episode of Mangirl gave me more satisfaction than 9th episode of Senyuu. If you remember, I was showing so much hostility towards the Mangirl in the beginning of the season, that I am kind of afraid to read what I wrote back then. Still, Mangirl went up and up and now I am looking forward for the next episode. And with Senyuu, I can only hope it get better again. See you in the next post (^_^)/

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