Naruto, chapter 623. Madara’s father.

New chapter about Hashirama and Madara. Yay! ^_^ The chapter was good, especially from the point of character development and the development of the plot. Let’s talk about it.

This chapter showed us one thing, that I would not have expected to see. An Uchiha boy was coming to train with not an  Uchiha, and he was doing it by his own free will, acknowledging the other one to be his equal and his friend. Look at others from Uchiha clan, whom we know. Sasuke had to team up with Naruto and Sakura, there was no free will here. It was shown that Itachi was  training alone. Even Obito did not get along with Kakashi, though that was rather Kakashi’s fault. But now we see Madara acting friendly and being so normal and sensible.

Naruto chapter 623 Madara and Hashirama

They were not just acquainted, they were friends.

And the fact that Hashirama and Madara were friends lead us to the question, how did they become enemies? It was shown that they were willing to help each other, even after they learned each other’s surnames. In other words, even after Madara learned that Hashirama was from Senju clan, even after that he did not hate Hashirama. So the thing that ended their friendship must be something way bigger.

Naruto chapter 623 Madara and Hashirama help each other

They risked their futures as members of their clans, for each other’s sake.

And we know that both Madara’s and Hashirama’s younger brothers survived the war. So what was that big event that had torn them apart?

In this chapter we had a new (or, I should say, old) character. Madara’s father, Tajima Uchiha.

Naruto chapter 623 Tajima Uchiha and Izuna

Tajima Uchiha and Izuna

Might it be that he was the one, who’s death made Madara’s heart crack? Don’t really know, it might. It is not like he is a likable character, so I don’t see him as a tragic victim. But it is a bad habit to judge characters from one panel.

Also, we learned the name of Hashirama’s father. His name is Butsuma Senju.

Naruto chapter 623 Butsuma Senju and Tobirama

Butsuma Senju and Tobirama

Now let’s add some more cool pictures from the chapter ^_^

Naruto chapter 623 Madara and Senju smile

Hashirama lies that they were absolutely different. I find their personalities to be very similar.

Naruto chapter 623 Hashirama clibing a wall

Hashirama is so amazing

I think that in the next chapter we will see a fight to the death between Tajima and Butsuma. Not sure, but still. Also I want to mention that I write this in a late night and I was sleepy through the whole day, so if you think that something of what I’ve written sounds weird, feel free to tell me about it, I’ll be glad to fixed it (or leave it there for lolz). Anyway, see you next time (^_^)/

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