Bleach, chapter 529. Isshin Shiba. Beware of spoilers.

This chapter was dedicated to the past Of Isshin Kurosaki, who now have a different name, by the way. And that is an important detail. I was more or less sure that Kurosaki was the surname of Ichigo’s mother since the Majesty (whom wiki named Yhwach for some reason) said that Ichigo was his son. And it was confirmed in the last chapter. But at the same time, all this time I as well as the rest of the fans, knew nothing about Isshin. WHo he was before he became a part of Kurosaki family? Now we know the answer.

Bleach chapter 529 Isshin Shiba

Isshin Shiba

Isshin Kurosaki was a member of Shiba clan. You remember the Shiba clan, right? Here, I’ll remind you.

Bleach chapter 529 Shiba clansmen, Kukaku and Ganju Shiba

Those two knuckleheads are members of the Shiba clan

Bleach chapter 529 Kaien Shiba

Kaien Shiba was the member of this clan too

Now, what exactly does that mean? First of all, that means that Kaien Shiba and Ichigo are related. How often it was hinted that Kaien and Ichigo was alike? I don’t remember now, but I guess more than once. Which makes me wonder how long ago Kubo planned this. We don’t know yet about the relations between Isshin and Kaien, Kukaku and Ganju Shiba. They might be siblings, might not be directly related. It might even be that Kaien, Kukaku and Ganju are Isshin’s children, which is not likely, though.

But moving on, this chapter also brought us some flashback about 10th division, where Isshin was the captain. We learned that Toshiro was the 3rd seat and Rangiku was a lieutenant, just like she is now.

Bleach chapter 529 Toshiro, the third seat

Toshiro did not change much

Now, let me bring one thing here. It was shown, that Toshiro was just an ordinary child when Momo was already studying in the Shinigami Academy. Now why would I bring that? Well, you see, Momo was not the only one, who were studying in the academy at the moment. If you remember, Renji was in the same class with her. You still don’t see why I am wasting your time with that? The thing is, that Rukia and Renji entered the academy at the same time. And that means that Rukia graduated at least at the same time as Momo and Renji. And also that means that she most probably graduated before Toshiro. Now you see? If she was graduated before, or even at the same time as Toshiro, there is no chance that she did not know Isshin by sight, as he was a captain of the gotei 13. Now, let me pose a question. If so, how did she not recognise him, when she saw him at Ichigo’s home?

But never mind plot holes, let’s look at how Isshin looked some many years ago.

Bleach chapter 529 Isshin's troll face

Isshin’s troll face

Bleach chapter 529 Isshin's troll line

Isshin’s troll line

Awesome guy, isn’t he? And while we are talking about awesomeness, we had Gin in this chapter ^_^

Bleach chapter 529 Gin Ichimaru flashback

Gin Ichimaru

That i snot to mention that there was Aizen in this chapter too. You know, if those two had been the only good thing in this chapter, even that would be good enough for me to enjoy it. I have high expectations for the next Bleach chapter. It better be good, as there will be no Naruto next week. Till the next time (^_^)/

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21 thoughts on “Bleach, chapter 529. Isshin Shiba. Beware of spoilers.

  1. I couldn’t help laughing when I saw Isshin lift Toshiro like a child XD Yeah. I thought the details were messed up a little too. Rukia didn’t know Isshin and Rangiku and Toshiro didn’t once come across him when they visited Ichigo’s house. I wonder if Kubo will come up with a good explanation for this.

    • Yes, that was a funny moment =) I think that Kubo will make it that Isshin was expelled from the Soul Society and that will explain why he did not contact other shinigami. And about Rukia, I don’t think that Kubo will bother explaining that, it is not obvious that Rukia should know Isshin.

    • Actually, when you think about it, it’s not surprising that both Toshiro and Rangiku didn’t come across him when they visited Ichigo’s house – since the only one time they went to Ichigo’s house, neither of them used the conventional means to enter someone’s house (i.e: the door).

      After all, chances of coming across Isshin while entering the house through the ceiling (Rangiku) or the window from Ichigo’s room (Toshiro) is quite small when you think about it. XD

      As for why Rukia didn’t recognize him… For one, Isshin was a captain of a different division (10th division) than Rukia, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Rukia doesn’t recognize Isshin as a former captain, if she doesn’t belong to his squad (meaning the chances of her having already interacted with him is very small, since he’s not her direct superior).

      • That explains it but they should have felt at least a faint Reiatsu when they visited Ichigo’s house. >.< I guess Kubo will probably say that Isshin is a captain and he is an expert in hiding his Reiatsu.

      • Well the part where you say Rukia graduated before Toushiro isn’t exactly right. We only saw her starting the school first but since Toushiro was mentioned as a prodigy who finished school sooner… nobody said he couldn’t finish faster than Rukia even considering the Kuchiki house meddling with her “graduation” brought forward.

      • lol XD Yeah. You’ve got a point =)

        I do remember Renji asking something like “Who is Rangiku’s captain?” during one of their meetings. It would have been nice if they had known each other though =)

    • its so obvious that rukia couldnt tell who he was because look at that picture and what he looks like now and his reitatsu was drained and didnt come back until grand fisher attacked kon or atleast close to it plus he acted so differently than when he was a capitan so of course rukia wouldnt know it was him

  2. Kaien, kukaku, and Ganju are for sure siblings. I’m guessing isshin is either their brother or cousin.
    Uryu is also related to ichigo(Masaki is ryuken’s cousin, making ichigo and uryu first cousins once removed) . This family tree is getting very complex…

    • Well, not really, since Isshin, supposedly, is not related to Ichigo, unless Kubo tricked us really badly. And yeah, you are right, if Masaki is Ryuken’s cousin, then Ichigo and Uryu are already related, which is kind of strange.

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  4. First of all, nice summery :) Second of all, there’s only one little thing I have to disagree with. It is highly probable that Rukia had never seen Isshin before the day she first met him in the anime. I know it’s been a while since the opening arcs and its hard to remember what Soul Society was like when it was not facing constant conflict from outside forces or being invaded every other Tuesday. However, the Captains and Squads except for necessary reasons never really communicated. Captains and lieutenants meetings were rare and the squads more or less functioned independantly unless a crisis arose. This is evinced by the fact that in the very beginning, Renji, the freaking lietenant of the Sixth Division, didn’t even remember who the Captain of the Tenth was, and he’s good friends with both Rangiku and Momo, Toshiro’s lieutenant and foster sister and was likely still in the Academy during the year Toshiro was (since looking at the timeline, Toshiro entered when Momo was in her sixth year and then finished in a year, unless he entered the year after the beginning of his manga special chapter where we learn this). Now, Toshio was likely a new Captain seeing as he only rose to the position within those twenty years between Isshin’s disappearance and the start of the manga/anime, but even so, the fact that a freaking Lieutenant didn’t know one of the Captains, that says a lot about little contact the squads have with each other. And most of the contact is likely through lower-ranking officers and hell butterflies ferrying messages and reports. This is, of course, save a few exceptions like Kyouraku and Ukitake, but that is because they are good friends.

    Now, Rukia wasn’t even a seated officer, so it is highly likely that she had never seen Isshin in person. Did she know his name? That is likely. She may have been of low rank but her brother is a Captain as well as a Clan head so it is not unlikely that she heard of him in some way shape or form. Even though he was just the head of a branch of the clan, he is enough of an embarrassment that Byakuya or the rest of the Kuchiki Clan may have complained about him in some sense or complained about his “incompetency” as a Captain or something along those lines. It’s not likely the Shiba and Kuchiki get along. Also, she spent a lot of time around Kaien who was the head of the main branch of the Shiba, also apparently Isshin’s nephew from what Kubo seems to be implying in the manga, as well as Lieutenant and more or less acting Captain of the Thirteenth so she may have heard of him through that association as well or through here-say from other members of the squad. But her having actually met him in person? All things considered, not very likely. And if she had, it was likely in passing and not enough for her to be able to recognize him now. Same goes for Renji and all the rest of the shinigami who spend extensive time in the living world sans Toshiro and Rangiku (and he is always conveniently absent when one or the both of them are around).

    Also, he looks different and changed his name. That would be enough to throw someone who didn’t really know him off. Especially If Rukia or others only knew him as Captain Shiba. Even if she knew his first name, that is hardly an indicator that they are the same person. So, this isn’t really a plot hole at all.

    • Yeah I agree with you. I recently re-watched a few episodes from the soul society arc, and it seem that different squads were quite separated, as you said. So it is possible that Rukia never saw captain Shiba.

      On the other hand she seemed to be very up to date with what was going on in Karakura town. She knew about existence of Grand Fisher, a hollow that killed Ichigo’s mom, which is a small thing compared with disappearance of a captain, that I think happened in that same town or somewhere near. Seems like that would be something she would investigate in every detail before moving to trivial cases of hollows attacking humans =) But then, I can imagine Aizen would have made sure all info about captain Shiba disappearance would be classified. So yeah, it is still not a plot hole.

      Toshiro on the other hand should have known about Isshin. Not being in direct contact with Ichigo’s dad is one thing, totally ignoring him is another. He is a sharp and diligent boy, I’d imagine when he was send to the world of the living he would start with putting some work into getting acquainted with the situation at hand. And learning how each member of Ichigo’s family looks is something he should have done.
      But of course, there is no saying he didn’t do that. I won’t be surprised if Toshiro new about Isshin and just decided to be passive and let his former captain have his way.

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