Ai Mai Mi and Yama No Susume, 10th episodes

Why did I put those two absolutely different shows together like that? Does that sensitive show about growth and overcoming your inner psychological and social problems, namely Yama No Susume, deserved to be put in the same line with thoughtless comedy with an awfully simple (but not simply awful) art style, namely Ai Mai Mi? Because that is what you get, when you make bad episodes. Right know I am listening to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure opening theme and to tell the truth it is more entertaining than watching 10th episodes of both Ai Mai Mi and Yama No Susume. I think I’ll put YouTube video with that opening here somewhere, so you will be able to read it while reading ^_^

So let us start with Ai Mai Mi. The episode was about dogs. Mai decided to use dogs, that you can see on the picture below to bring people happiness.

Ai Mai Mi Episode Dogs of happiness

Dogs of happiness

That is it, move on. Tenth episode of Yama No Susume was about climbing down from Takao mountain. They did it without too many accidents.

Yama no Susume Episode 10 Hinata, Aoi, Kokona

Hinata, Aoi, Kokona

And that is it for this show as well. well, it might be that the idea for this episode was to show that Aoi can handle communication with new people a little bit better. It might be, but if that was the case, then they probably should have elaborate this a little more. As it is, the episode seems to be just a filler that show that the girls did climbed down safely. I really hope that next two episodes of Yama No Susume will be better and more exiting. I have no hopes for Ai Mai Mi sadly. Not that I hate the show, I just feel that it is not going to get much better.

Here is your opening from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:

At least you had some good music now. See you (^_^)/

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