Anime podcast of the week. March 10, 2013.

I am attempting to make weekly posts about best anime related podcasts I listened to. I don’t care about the release date of the podcast, so there will be some really old ones, as well as very fresh ones. Also, there will be both famous ones and ones that are not so. The only criteria that I will use when choosing the podcasts will be how much I enjoyed listening to it.

This week I brought another episode of Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast. It is episode 160 this time. The episode deserved its place here for being one of the best preview of the Winter anime season 2013 that I have seen so far. It might be the best preview of the season, actually.

The name of the episode is “Winter 2012/2013 Anime Lineup!”. Here is the link, check it out: Episode 160 – “Winter 2012/2013 Anime Lineup!”.

The second one this time is another episode of PodTaku. It got here because of very interesting review of upcoming  Fate/Zero English dub and lots of fooling around. The name of the episode is “PodTaku – Episode 09: Fate/Taku The Holy Dub War”. I am embedding the video, so here you go:

Right now, while I am writing this, I am listening to a review of 2003-2004 years in anime. I am more or less sure I’ll bring it here some time.

Hope you like podcasts that I brought you this week. Till the next time (^_^)/

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