Cowboy Bebop, episodes 19 and 21

I want to mention those episodes because they deserve it. The first one I want to mention, Wild Horses is about some strange guys transmitting computer viruses through harpoons. By the way, while we on the subject, I wonder if I should write a post about all the ridiculous, from the technical point of view, stuff that I have seen in this show. I don’t think I will, cause I have already forgotten most of it. But anyway, back to the episode, why did I like it? Because of the shuttle. That was awesome. While watching Cowboy Bebop you are getting use to their crazy technologies, that allow them to fly in the space as if it is nothing. But that episode kind of puts you back into the reality. You see how much different the modern space ships from Cowboy Bebop universe are from shuttles that were used when the anime was created.

Cowboy Bebop Episode Shuttle

That moment was plain awesome

I was thinking  about why this moment seemed so awesome to me. And I believe that it is because it shows the value of the work that we, people of XXI century do. It is hard to explain, but that monstrous ship makes me feel proud for us, proud that we made it.

Coming to the next episode I want to mention, which name is Boogie Woogie Feng Shui, I would like to start is with exquisitely ridiculous line from it.

Each body produces a magnetic field, which interacts with the magnetic field of the Earth, and that is what creates the energy we all use.

I am sorry, I know there were worse nonsense that this in anime. Maybe I want to bring that because yesterday I finished listening to another lecture on Electricity and Magnetism (edX program by MIT, lots of fun if you are interested in physics). But you when you make a sci-fi show, you should check things like that.

The interesting point of this show was relations between Jet and Mei. I think that was realistic, and that was what made the whole thing enjoyable. Also, there wasn’t enough romance in this show.

Cowboy Bebop Episode Jet and Mei

Jet and Mei

I think Jet felt both like father and like a boyfriend towards her, and that is why this couple could not be a couple, really. You can’t be both. I don’t think that Jet even seriously thought about being together with Mei. It was probably that his stone-hard heart was wanting that beam of spring sun, just for the moment, but all the time he knew that he is not for her. The story is as old as the world, but it is still touching a little bit.

If you watched the episodes that I mentioned in this post, I hope you liked them. Till the next time (^_^)/

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