Mangirl! Episode 10

What maid cafe has to do with manga magazine? How that can possibly be put into episode without looking absolutely random? Why would you even want to maid cafe into your show? Well, no one cares, it is an anime about cute girls, you have to have a maid cafe there. Okey, if you say so…

Mangirl! Episode 10 Maid cafe

Maid cafe

This episode started with Hana and Aki shecking out a book store that sells their magazine. Hana was forcing people to buy it using some different methods, like saying loudly how good the magazine is and such. We she just came to a guy and gave him a copy of magazine, I thought it was a good idea. Sure it is pushy, and probably for a Japanese person it would seem even more so than for me, but on the other hand when an editor of a manga journal, who happens to be a pretty teenage girl, personnaly gives you a copy of her magazine, that seems like an enjoyable way of advertizing. Don’t know, what do you think?

Mangirl! Episode 10 Hana and a guy

Here is the moment I am talking about

Mangirl! Episode 10 Hana

Imagine this exenctric girl apearing in front of you and placing another magazing on top of a pile that you already decided to buy. Come to think of it, it actually is kind of bizarre.

Then there was this random part with maid cafe. If they want to follow the moe anime they now need to put in a summer vacation and school festival episodes. Wait, all the girls have probably graduated from their schools. Which makes them one of the oldest female characters of the season, probably. With that said, see you next time (^_^)/

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