5 Centimeters Per Second, episode 1 “Cherry Blossom”

I am so impressed with this episode. This is definitely one of the best romantic anime episodes I’ve ever seen. Well, okay, it is the best I think. There were other anime that left me as impressed with the display of emotions, but those were long series and they built up the story and characters beforehand. But here it was a single episode that had to spend time introducing the characters, and yet it completely got me. The people who made this anime are geniuses. Well, I know I sound too emotional, but well, I writing this right after watching the episode and I am feeling an urge to praise this anime.

5 Centimeters Per Second Cherry Blossom pic1

In a train

I want to mention that the animation style of this show is really good. I like a little different approach to drawing faces, the picture looked solid and pretty, and I am ok with different art styles. Also, this anime shows trains and stations and snow so realistically, you can almost feel it. And if you had experienced winter trains, you will like the show just for that, even if you are not into romance and such.

5 Centimeters Per Second Cherry Blossom pic2

Takaki and Akari

But the romance side of this show is really the reason to watch it. It is so well done in details and.. I don’t know how to put it, without sounding silly or ruining the gentle feeling of the show by analyzing it. Just watch it, you will see for yourself. Maybe later, when I finish the other two episodes I will write about romance in this show, but right now, I’ll leave it at that. Though, I have a feeling that this show will not end as bright as this episode did.

Anyway, great episode, absolutely worth watching. See you next time (^_^)/

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