Bleach, chapter 530. The truth about Ichigo inner hollow?

This was one of those chapters after which the authors of Bleach wikia go and rewrite a dozen of articles. And it was not just dry information. In fact the chapter was filled with emotions of different sorts. Now let us plunge in.

Bleach chapter 530 Masaki Kurosaki

Those cute faces are delivered to you by Masaki Kurosaki

Now, we will start from the middle. From what I know, quite a number of fans expected that Ichigo’s mother was somehow connected with Ishida’s family. Now we know that she was kind of adopted into the family to be raised as a quincy and to be married on Ishida Ryuuken. From what I understood, the Kurosaki family was wiped out somehow (maybe they died by natural courses, or maybe I misread the dialog) and that was one of the reasons why Masaki Kurosaki, the last offspring of the family, was adopted into Ishida’s family.

And the other side of the situation is that arranged marriage between Ryuuken and Masaki. First of all, Ryuuken seemed to be thinking that Masaki is not happy about the marriage. And we all know how all that ended up. Masaki married Isshin Shiba. It was so long time since I watched the anime, but I think I recall some tension between Isshin and Ryuuken. Now that explains it. Though, I imagine that it might be that Ryuuken was the one who supported Masaki after she decided to live with a shinigami. He has a heart, even though he does not like to show it.

Now, moving on, we have a new character, Uryuu’s grandma.

Bleach chapter 530 Uryuu's grandma

Uryuu’s grandma

In case you forgotten, that is how Uryuu’s grandpa looked like

Now a couple of words about similarities between different characters. At the start of the chapter we have seen a couple of shinigami. For a second I thought that those were young Rose and Love. Here they are:

Bleach chapter 530 Guys looking like young Rose and Love

I soon realised that by that time Rose and Love were both ex-captains, banned from the Soul Society. Still, look at those two, there are some similarities.

If you look at young Ryuuken, you will see that he looks a bit like Ichigo. He shares some features of both Ichigo and Uryuu. See for yourself:

Bleach chapter 530 Young Ryuuken Ishida

Young Ryuuken Ishida

And I can’t forget about Masaki. There is that undying idea among Naruto fandom that a male character will end up marrying a girl who most resemble his mother. That idea, I believe, was born out of the way Kishimoto write his manga, showing that “history repeats itself” with each generation. So, I don’t really think that it is just to apply that theory to Bleach, but let’s do it, just for fun.

Bleach chapter 530 Masaki Kurosaki

Is it me, or does Masaki Kurosaki looks a little bit like Orihime? =P

Now, we come to the most interesting part. At the end of the chapter we have seen something, that, I am sure, literary no one expected to see. We have seen Ichigo inner hollow, second mode. The thing that some fans like to call “Ichigo vasto lorde form” for some reason that is beyond me. Anyway, here it is:

Bleach chapter 530 Hollow Ichigo Isshin flashback

What are you doing here?..

Now, the question is, who is hiding behind this mask? We all now that each hollow has its personality. Each hollow was a human once. So, who is it? And keep it in mind that Ichigo did inherit this form. Might it be he true father? That sounds so ridiculous, but who knows, everything is possible. And another question, was it Aizen who created this thing? This thing that was able to kill Ulquiorra? Now that would raise a question why did not he use it. We will wait and hope for answers.

Bleach chapter 530 Ichigo inner hollow apears in the past

Ichigo inner hollow appears before he was born.

For the next chapter I hope to see a fight between Isshin and this hollow. Too bad there will be no Bleach next week. So, till the next time (^_^)/

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