Mangirl! Episode 11

The show gets better and better. I really want to have the second season now. This episode was much more fun to watch than I don’t know how many other episodes of different 5 minutes long shows I watch. I guess Mangirl requires you to take interest in the characters to like it, and now that I know all the characters very well, I can enjoy it to the fullest.

I like that moment of te episode when Aki is shocked by the new mangaka, who is going to quit his normal job because his manga is accepted and he wants to be a manga artist now. Being a good person, she decided to talk him out.

Mangirl! Episode 11 Aki lying on the table

“Right after that I ended up talking to him for three hours about his life choices”

I’ve been in such situations, you feel so tired after such talk. And you feel that you have just wasted your time.

I also like how both Ringo and Tsugumi act as adults, even though they are your stereotypical childishly behaving characters. But that is an anime about people working in an industry, and they are acting accordingly.

Mangirl! Episode 11 Haraki, Tsugumi

Tsugumi talking to the author of “Attack on The Final Dragon Shippuden”

Mangirl! Episode 11 Hana and Ringo

Well, Hana is not always act like a grown-up, but still, she is not a total knucklehead.

Only two more episodes to come. How sad. Hope they will be so good that this anime get a second season. See you (^_^)/

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7 thoughts on “Mangirl! Episode 11

    • Be careful, some of the episodes of this anime were quite dumb and boring. Only after 5 or 6 episodes it started to get better for me. Though tastes differ, so in the end only you can tell, whether you will like this show or not =)
      Also, if you like this sort of shows there are some other ones from this season, like Tamako Market. I didn’t see that one, but from what I know it should be way above Mangirl.

      • Ahh! I’m currently on the 10th episode of Tamako Market and I loved it !! :) I love stories that are nice and soft. Gives you that sort of warm feeling when you watch it you know?

        I’ll try downloading episode of Mangirl! I’m currently looking for new animes to watch and this one looks interesting!
        I’ll follow your advice and download up to 6 episodes for now ^ ^
        I’ll give you my opinion after finishing!!

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