Senyuu. Episode 10. A 100 years old loli.

They did it! They broke out of the prison! Well, no, they didn’t, really. But they broke the walls, at least. Maybe they will walk out in the next episode -_-

But aside of plot development there was some good stuff in this episode. For example, a very touching scene of farewell between friends:

Senyuu Episode 10 Gore scene

I meant to say, a gore scene with a man pierced by dark tentacles

Who sent those dark tentacles? Who want to kill one friend in front of the eyes of the other? The name of the evil culprit is Februar Zwei.

Senyuu Episode 10 Februar Zwei

A hundred years old witch Februar Zwei

That was her, whom Ross used as a flying ram to make holes in the prison walls. Oh, and, before I forget, the best quotation of the episode:

Senyuu Episode 10 loli quote

“Fate is telling me to fight a loli?!”

So, that old pedophile is not dead yet. We will see what happen next, Till then, see you (^_^)/

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