Naruto Shippuden, episode 304, “The Underworld Transfer Jutsu”

This was not a bad filler, even better than the last one. Unlike the main story episodes, with fillers you can’t tell what will happen next and it does spice it up. Sure, we all know that they will break out from this “The Underworld Transfer Jutsu” and the story will resume, but the question is how exactly will they do this.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 304 Cool looking shot

A random epic looking shot from the episode

First of all, it was explained how this The Underworld Transfer Jutsu works. Nothing too fancy. It creates a barrier and summons souls of the people trapped in the jutsu inside the barrier. The trick is that the physical body is left behind and can easily die, and that will be the end of the trapped one. From what we know, to get out of the barrier you need to get in touch with someone else’s chakra. In the current situation it is a bit hard to do, since no one knows where the barrier is situated.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 304 The Underworld Transfer Jutsu barrier

At least the barrier made by this jutsu looks somewhat cool

During this episode the four leaf ninja, whose names we all know, did nothing productive. They are still alive and uninjured, that is all they achieved. There was a couple of interesting moments. During this episode Shikamaru started that there were three reasons why they can not win. He had time only to say the first two (immortal reanimated bodies of the enemies and the fact that the barrier might not breake even if they win). He did not tell us the last reason. But the point is that no one seems to care. Poor Shikamaru.

The other funny thing was their team work. I’ll make shortened version of their dialog for you:

Shikamaku: “Are you sure you want me to command? Last time I almost got you all killed”

Others: “That’s ok, we don’t mind, all for Sasuke. You are the best captain and we are waiting for your commands”

Shikamaru: “Ok guys, I will have you all move at my command!”

Chouji: “Shikamaru, leave this one to me!”

Neji: “I’ll bash this guy, so help me out!”

Shikamaru: “Huh? Hey! O_o”

Teamwork, taking orders, who need that, huh? Well, good thing their opponents are super dumb. Just look at the picture below.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 304 Sommonings

Why in the world would you summon gates?..

Eventually I expect Naruto to try using Sage Mode sensory technique to locate Shikamaru and others. Probably that will be the solution.

Now, a couple of words about the animation. It was quite good, and they did not messed up with faces too much. Though there were shoots like this one, which look weird:

Naruto Shippuden Episode 304 Sakon looking awful

That looks weird and cheap.

That else there is to say about this episode? Oh, I can’t leave out this scene:

Naruto Shippuden Episode 304 Isects horror

That is like a nightmare, I hope Shiba removes the insects before they regain consciousness

And here is the preview of the episode 305:

I don’t know how many more fillers we are going to get. The name of the next episode is “The Vengeful”, then there will be “The Eye of the Heart” and then “Disappearing Into the Moonlight” (according to the wikipedia). All of those episodes look like fillers to me. But anyway, hope you enjoyed the episode and see you next time (^_^)/

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