Anime podcast of the week. March 17, 2013.

Hello, everyone. I have not been posting anything for the last few days, and that is because I had to make a short trip to another city. I covered something like 600 miles on trains and that was a little bit tiring. But now I am back and it is time for another Anime podcast of the week!

This week I decided to bring you a small series of podcasts that form some kind of a review of the 2000-2009 decade in anime. That is very interesting to hear. I think it would be especially interesting to people who only started watching anime recently, because that can give you some kind of historical perspective and some ideas of how anime industry had been developing throughout the years.

The series I want to present you is done by Anime World Order Podcast, that you see here so often.

Anime World Order Podcast

The names of the episodes with the links are here:

Now, that is a lot of podcasts. I think that it is enough for this week. I am looking forward for podcasts that would review the upcoming season. If anyone gives me a hit where to find one, I will be very thankful. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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