Violence Jack, uncut version, you may not want to see it

I decided to watch something from 80s, just to get better picture of what anime was like back then. I have seen some anime from that time, but it was when I was a kid and I can’t even recall the names, so I kind of vent in without preconceptions. I picked the show I heard of today, called Violence Jack. I picked that one just because it is an OVA and it is only 37 minutes long, so I knew that I would have no problem sitting through it even if it turned out to be bad. Which it kind of did, by the way.

Now, I must warn you. Firstly, if you don’t like blood, gore, extreme violence and sexual harassment in anime, you may not want to read on. Feel free to stop reading here and just be sure not to watch this anime. Secondly, I watched the OVA on YouTube and that upload got some weird trade mark in the middle of the picture, so this thing is visible on all the screenshots that I took. Sorry about that.

If you are still reading, then I assume that you don’t mind me speaking about this show. All right then, let’s start.

Violence Jack

Violence Jack, the main hero. Well, he is not a hero, really, not even a human, but anyway.

This show is basically about a world that suffered a series of natural disasters, including earthquakes and, I believe, meteorite collisions. After this the country, in which the series took place, became a chaos. Out of this chaos had risen the regiment of “Slum King”, who dresses as a samurai and rides a bike. Here he is:

Violence Jack Slum King / Demon king

Slum King / Demon king

You might start to guess by now that the actual story is somewhat stupid. Well, it is. The idea of the show is that Violence Jack appears where there is too much violence and add some more. He kills people whom he thinks bad, and his presence makes normal people to start riots and such. In the end what he does is making human kind diminish.

Now, what you like in action anime? If you ask me, I will say characters, plot, fighting scenes, animation, music. There are more to it than that, but let’s stop at that. So, what Violence Jack can offer us in terms of characters? Close to nothing. All the characters are stereotypical and most of them live 5-10 seconds before Jack kills them. There were opportunities to display the personalities of the characters, but they was not taken. Fighting scenes? Well, they might have been interesting to watch in 80s, but in 2013 they will not fascinate you at all.  Music? No good music that I remember. Ok, what about animation? I will not stay that it is bad, because I don’t know what level of animation was in 80s. But if you are used to the current level of animation, you will not like it. Lots and lots of static scenes in the middle of a battle, lots of poorly animated movements, I can go on complaining about the animation of Violence Jack for a long time. But well, it is an old show.

Violence Jack Two kidnaped girls

Two kidnaped girls

But what about plot? No plot to speak of, sadly. Jack kills people, no motivation given. There was a story of two kidnapped girls, that but it was so stupid that I can not call it a plot. I am sorry if I am offending fans of the series.The chain of events goes from one violent scene to another and it seems that those scenes were the goal of the show and not the tool to build it.

I think that the only audience that can truly enjoy this show was kids and young teenagers, because at this age people more tolerant to the flaws of the plot and such. But, there is one thing. Besides being full of blood and displaying deaths of all fashions, this show contains nudity and scenes of rape. That makes this show inappropriate for the young audience. So who do you think was the target audience for this show? I still think it were kids and teenagers, who have watched this show, even though they shouldn’t have. Maybe they get some people who come to see those rape scenes, I don’t know.

Now, a couple of funny facts about this show. By the end of the OVA Jack looses an arm and an eye. After he slain his final enemy, he raises his hand and a lightning strikes him and his arm and eye regenerate. That is so random, I just like it. And st the end of the episode Jack becomes a bird. No comment.

Violence Jack

Violence Jack

So, as you can guess, I do not recommend you to watch this anime. If you do, don’t blame me if you don’t like it. See you next time (^_^)/

P.S. Here is the review of Violence Jack by the AWO podcast Anime World Order Show # 85a – Don’t Shorten the Show, Just Split It Up.

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4 thoughts on “Violence Jack, uncut version, you may not want to see it

  1. It’s target audience is 16 to 20’s, the ova’s cram 21 volumes of manga into tree ova’s, which would leave out a lot of detail, plus they left out important backstory and characters out of the ova that were in the manga.

    It has good animation for the 80’s, better than most animation from the 90’s, so that is preaty good.

    Violence Jack does have a story, but the ova fails to convey it well.
    It would have done better as a tv anime with 20 to 50 shows.
    It is a continuation of Go Nagai’s Devilman manga, not the anime, but the ova leaves those details out.

    • Actually since the time I wrote this review I changed my views on old anime in general and on Violence Jack in particular =) If I were to write a review now it would be quite different and less negative.

      Well, I still can’t say that the animation was a strong point of this anime. Of course it depends on what you compare it with. I would say the quality of the animation is good enough for a TV series, but a bit too low for an OAV.

      So it is a continuation of Devilman? I heard some people saying that Violence Jack and Devilman have nothing to do with each other and vice versa. And as I haven’t read both of those manga I don’t know what to believe.

      • “So it is a continuation of Devilman? I heard some people saying that Violence Jack and Devilman have nothing to do with each other and vice versa. And as I haven’t read both of those manga I don’t know what to believe.”

        I think I can clear this up for you. Go Nagai, the author of both Devilman and Violence Jack, has admitted that Volence Jack does share a connection with it’s older brother. But in terms of Canonicity, Violence Jack is Canon only to itself. In fact, almost everything concerning the plot to the Violence Jack manga directly contradicts the events of the Devilman manga

        So even though the Violence Jack manga does share many characters with Devilman, it is NOT a continuation.

        And do read the Devilman manga. It’s pretty good. Although I do thing that the Japanese dubbed OVAs handled the story better. Too bad it was never finished.

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