Yama No Susume, episode 11

Watching this episode I felt that they are wrapping up the show. But they did it decently, more or less. As I mentioned before, the whole point of this show was to see how Aoi’s personality changes with the help of her friends. So they speeded it up a little in order to reach something here by the end of the series. But that was ok, it did not damage the episode.

Here is a couple of things that I want to mention. First, we got some personality development for Hinata, who looked like a supporting character before now. It seemed that Hinata is just a self-centered girl, that takes Aoi around to have a company she wants. But from this episode we learned that Hinata actually does it to help Aoi, which is a very interesting thing to do for a school girl of her age.

Yama no Susume Episode 11 Aoi and Hinata

Does it look like Hinata cares about Aoi a lot? When you think about it, it does.

Also there was an interesting scene with Aoi standing nearby some metal thing for kids to play in:

Yama no Susume Episode Aoi and kids playground

 That is about the same thing she fell from long time ago. That fall was what made her become an introvert she is. Or rather was, since in this episode she was acting almost normal, talking with her new friend and enjoying doing it. I think they wanted to show us that Aoi kind of forget her fear now. Not only the fear of heights, but also the fear of communication with others.

And to make this post look more pretty I’ll put in a shot of Hinata. I like how they draw her eyes, it is a little unusual.

Yama no Susume Episode 11 Hinata


I think I should put a tag “midnight writing” on this post. It is not a night here yet, but I feel so tired I can barely finish writing this. So, if you see some misspelling in this post, feel free to smack me, I probably deserved it. Now, that is it for this post. Next week we will see the end of this series. Then I’ll try to write an actual review for this anime. See you next time (^_^)/

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