Gamaran, chapter 94. A break point.

Remember I said that I like Gamaran because it is so realistic? That unlike Naruto, Bleach and other shonen manga and anime, it actually tries to follow the laws of physiology and displays real sword fight with real techniques? So I want to make a note that at the chapter 94 Gamaran broke that line. Before that it tried to be realistic, but it is a shonen show and you either stop your progress and have enemies with the same level of strength over and over, or you invent stuff.

Gamaran invented fruits that increasing your power. And make you insane, it seems.

Gamaran Chapter 94 Jugan

Apparently, those fruits are called jugan

So, if you read Gamaran because it is so different from the other shonen manga, be prepared, it loses its individuality at some point. It is 180 chapters long already, and I am still only on 94th. So maybe it got better again after that, or maybe it got even worse. I’ll let you know. Till the next time (^_^)/

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