Gamaran, chapter 96, Aizen.

Can’t resist to post this. I just finished chapter 96 and there is a couple of funny moments. In this chapter two people, whose names I didn’t care to memorize (they will die a quick death as soon as Gama meet them, so why bother), were discussing the effect of using two jugan pills (I still have no idea if it is a fruit or a hand-made medicine) at once. The idea is that the first pill frees you strength, while the second one awakens your brain. And to illustrate that state of awakening of the brain they put in this picture:

Gamaran Chapter 96 Awakening of the brain

Awakening of the brain. The name of this guy is Kibe Ryuuhou.

In my experience people who study a little too hard and sleep too little, sometime can look weird. But if you start to look like that guy on the picture above, you probably better get a break.

And after that process of the awakening of the brain passed this guy totally changed his style. That was his new look:

Gamaran Chapter 96 Kibe Ryuuhou looking like Aizen

There is something familiar about this three-eyed appearance

Gamaran Chapter 96 Aizen

Oh, sure, now we know who is Kibe Ryuuhou’s idol

That was a little random, I know. Sorry for the two posts about Gamaran in a row. But I did not write about the series for a long time, so it is not that bad, I think. See you (^_^)/

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