Naruto Shippuden, episode 305, Naruto did it, at last.

This was the last episode of that mini filler arc about the sound four reanimations.  There were three episodes in this arc, which does not look like a lot, but it actually took us three weeks to go through this arc. I am mentioning this because I find it interesting how the time in the anime relates to the time in the real life.

Talking about this episode, the best part of it for me was the flashback with Orochimaru, because I miss him somewhat. Though, it is also indicates that the episode was not that great. Actually, I don’t think that it was good at all. The animation and the fighting scenes was on a low level, and what else you can get from a filler. Some unusual plot twist, maybe? But there was non of it.

You see, I have nothing good to say about this episode. So let us look at the picture of Orochimaru and enjoy the sight ^_^

Naruto Shippuden Episode 305 Avengers Orochimaru flashback

Now that is a bad idea, and it is creepy

By the way, on the picture above Orochimaru says “In my current state, you can kill me”. Such a liar, as if he did not explain to the 3rd hokage before their eyes, that he is, in fact, immortal.

So, I said that I have nothing good to say about this episode. But that doesn’t mean that I am going to finish the post here. Luckily, I have one or two bad things to say ^_^ So, here we go.

First of all, there was this long-shot move made by the leaf four, that allowed them to take down one od the gates. We won’t discuss how some blades stuck in the ground can make a solid structure fall down. But let us look at this move that way. It was another Shikamaru’s brilliant strategy. The move involved putting Kiba and Choji in danger. And what had they accomplished by taking the risks? They took down a gate. Now, why would they want to take down a gate in the first place? That is such a stupid thing to do.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 305 Avengers Tayuya

At least it made Tayuya make this funny angry face

Next thing I want to bring up is animation. Why it is so often happens that animation quality drops in filler episodes? And I don’t meant that animation becomes cheaper, with more static scenes and such. That would have been ok, I would have understand that. In fact, that happens and I am not angry because of that. But there are other changes in animation that make we wonder what is going on in the studio. For some reasons the start to draw faces badly and in wrong ways. Or, for example, look at this:

Naruto Shippuden Episode 305 Avengers Kabuto and a fat snake

What is up with that super fat snake? Was it so hard to draw it right? it is not like it would have been any harder.

In my post about episode 303 I said that “Shikamaru will come up with a way to transport Naruto in that dimension and like that they will defeat those four”. Back then I did not know how the The Underworld Transfer Jutsu works. But essentially my prediction was right, which does not complement the plot of this small arc. S, Naruto sensed the hatred coming from this barrier and destroyed it with a giant rasenshuriken.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 305 Giant Filler-only Rasenshuriken

Giant Rasenshuriken

Wait, what? A Giant Rasenshuriken? I don’t remember such thing! Am I being dumb, or did they just invented a new technique for Naruto?..

Anyway, the arc has ended on a good note that we are one step closed to the revival of “him”. Is there any fan who still don’t know who that “him” is? I won’t spoil that, don’t worry.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 305 Avengers Happy end

Happy end

And here is the preview of the next episode:

Hope you liked this arc, and hope you are ready for some more fillers. It seems that the studio is going to make as many fillers as possible, because after some point it will become very hard to add fillers into the show, without breaking the story line. That is it for this post, see you next time (^_^)/

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