Mangirl! Episode 12

I would like to say “The new episode is out, yay!”, but I guess it has been out for quite a too long time already for me to say that. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next episode (which is the last one T_T) is already out. If anyone got annoyed with me for being late with my reviews of the shows from this season, I apologize.

This episode was about the girls preparing and getting out the first volume of the manga by Shinobu-sensei, that they were releasing from the very start.

Mangirl! Episode 12 Manga

Who needs page numbers in a comic book anyway?

The problem was that some pages switched places and, presumably, some pages were lost, and the result was that some chunks of the story was missing and characters were first slain and then they were back in the fight. That shows you the importance of putting numbers of the pages. Or maybe it shows you that if you are relying on high school girls to make your comic book right, then you need to prepare for something unexpected. But it wouldn’t be fun to ask professionals to do the job, you definitely shouldn’t do that.

Mangirl! Episode 12 Hana and others

Hana wants to say “I am a professional too! T_T”

Also Hana made a theme song for the manga (which is a strange idea, but I wish they would do that in the real life). And also she made a dead person, who is the protagonist of the manga, to give a recommendation for the book. Yeah.

Mangirl! Episode 12 Hana

And why do you think Hana is making this face? She just realised that she has been wearing the same closes for the whole series, which presumably covered half a year of something like that.

I am not going to watch the last episode of the show right now, even if it is already out. C’mon, I want to postpone this sad moment when I will have to admit that the show is over. That is so sad >.< You can expect me posting my reaction on the last episode of Mangirl! in a few days, I think. See you (^_^)/

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