Yama No Susume, episode 12, the end.

The last episode was nice. But not special. And that is kind of sad, I would have liked for the last episode to be the best. But we get what we get. At any rate, they did what they wanted, namely they made a show about how Aoi overcome her sociopathy. I can’t say that she did overcome it, but she definitely became more open and easy-going, when she spends time with her friends.

This episode was featuring a lot of cooking, which is not the kind of thing that I would have put in the last episode of a show. But it served to make the atmosphere, I guess. They probably wanted to make the ned of the show more relaxing. On the other hand, the whole show was a little too relaxing, so I can’t say that their decision was the best one.

Yama no Susume Episode 12 Kaede, Aoi, Kokona

Apparently, Kaede can’t cook.

Besides cooking there was some fooling around done by Hinata and Aoi. And at the end of the episode they decided to go to a mountain to watch Milky Way. I wonder if we will see them do that in the extra episode that is coming next season.

Yama no Susume Episode 12 Aoi

Aoi getting attacked with a water gun

And we can’t have the last post about Yama No Susume without a picture of Hinata, since she is as much a main character as Aoi (you can argue that, but anyway). Well, it may not be the last post about the series, but whatever. Here you go.

Yama no Susume Episode 12 Hinata

Hinata ^_^

After watching this show I can’t say that would recommend it. If you are a big fun of slice of life genre, then you can watch it, and you probably will like it. If you like psychological type of shows, there is a chance that you will like this one. And if you are interested in Takao mountain you should try Yama No Susume. That is it. I personally like some episodes a lot, and I do not regret watching it, but I tend to grow attached to characters and in the end I tend to like shows just because of that. So, decide for yourself, maybe you would like this anime too.

I will try to make a review of Yama No Susume, but I give no promises. We will see. Till the next time (^_^)/

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