Bleach, chapter 531. Isshin’s shikai.

We are getting close to the moment of learning the truth about Ichigo’s inner hollow. Or maybe not. This chapter showed us that Isshin was able to keep up with the hollow hi engaged in battle with. Even assuming that Isshin is one of the strongest shinigami ever, it still shows that this hollow was less powerful than the one that defeated Ulquiorra.

Bleach Chapter 531 Ichigo's inner hollow

That is just an awesome picture, I could not resist putting it here.

The most interesting thing from this chapter was Isshin’s shikai. It seems that he has flame-type zanpakuto, which suggest some sort of relation between his family and Yamamoto. And here we all were (or I was, at least ^_^’), thinking that Isshin, just as Ichigo, had useless shikai. I know, I know, no need to attack me with about how good and useful Zangetsu is. It can be useful, it can be useless, it depends on the chapter be are talking about. But anyway, lets admire Isshin’s shikai:

Bleach Chapter 531 Burn, Engetsu! Isshin's shikai

Burn, Engetsu!

Also, there were a couple lines by Masaki that I want to post:

Bleach Chapter 531 Masaki Kurosaki

I like how she put it. Maybe there is someone, who is reading this post, who agrees with Masaki. But it is easier said than done.

Also, since I put here the quote of Masaki, I have to put here the quotation of Ryuu (Uryu’ father):

Bleach Chapter 531 Ryuu-chan

That is so cold and emotionless. Just the sort of thing you hear (and then see done) in the real life.

And who would you think would still the lead by the end of the day? Aizen ^_^ He can’t help himself, but to try his best to make lives of others interesting and exciting and full of peril.

Bleach Chapter 531 Aizen vs Isshin

Also Aizen stole this costume from Urahara.

I want more chapters like this. Hope I will get what I want, at least for the next week. See you (^_^)/

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Naruto, chapter 625. The origin of Konoha.

This chapter we learned some parts of the history of Konoha. Actually, we have been told all that stuff once before by Itachi, but it was really compact and somewhat misleading.

First, one interesting thing from this chapter is that scene where Madara stopped Hashirama from killing himself. I thought that he had lost his sense of proportion by that time, but some sense remained in him. I do not mean that it was a smart thing to do, who knows, it is hard to tell. I mean that before he stopped Hashirama’s hand it seemed as if Madara was completely lost in hatred.

Naruto Chapter 625 Madara saves Hashirama

You would not expect that from the Madara that fights Naruto in the present time.

Naruto Chapter 625 Hashirama committing seppuku

And, by the way, I did not expect him to throw away his own life so easily. I think it is a bit of character. Still, I can not help, by admire his composure.

Thank about it. Madara lost his two brothers to the Senju. Still he was willing to save Hashirama. Then he lost the rest of his family, presumably to the Senju too. He awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan, which means that he had enormous hatred stored in his heart. Still, he was willing to stop Hashirama from taking his own life. But remember Madara, resurrected by the Edo Tensei. Is he the same? Did something happen to him and turned him into a monster? Or is he the same, but we just did not see it? That is not an idle question, by the way. If he is still the same, harsh, but with a living heart, then we can start preparing ourselves to see him turning good, as most of the villains in Naruto do.

Naruto Chapter 625 MAdara fooling around with Hashirama

Hashirama is still trolling Madara ^_^

Also, now we know that the reason why Madara could not stay in the village was that he anticipated that the next hokage will be Tobirama, who would depress the Uchiha. And as he realised that he can not do anything about it, since his clansmen were not listening to him, he decided to leave the village.

Naruto Chapter 625 Tobirama and Madara

Tobirama caused more problems for the entire world that you would think he could

Naruto Chapter 625 Madara

That is another big turning point in the history of the Leaf Village

Besides all this awesome personality development for Madara we also learned about the origin of the title ‘Hokage’ and the name of the village. So it was Hashirama, who invented the title, which was expected, but it was Madara, who named the place. Who would have thought. I love this fact. All the people who hate Madara so much are living in the village he named.

Also, again there goes on some funny stuff with the translation. Look at Mangastream translation:

Naruto Chapter 625 Madara and jugular

Jugular?.. Really?

Jugular is a vein, by the way. I, honestly, did not know that, by English is not my first language. Now look at decent translation, done by MangaPanda:

Naruto Chapter 625 Madara and decent translation

Madara and decent translation

Here is even funnier piece:

Naruto Chapter 625 Madara and Hashirama

Madara saying nonsense, because of the translation

It was Mangastream again. Here is MangaPanda version:

Naruto Chapter 625 Madara and Hashirama Manga Panda

Now I can actually understand what Madara was trying to say. Wow.

It was a lovely chapter. Don’t know if I have time to write about the new Bleach chapter right now. I’ll try. See you next time (^_^)/

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