Bleach, chapter 531. Isshin’s shikai.

We are getting close to the moment of learning the truth about Ichigo’s inner hollow. Or maybe not. This chapter showed us that Isshin was able to keep up with the hollow hi engaged in battle with. Even assuming that Isshin is one of the strongest shinigami ever, it still shows that this hollow was less powerful than the one that defeated Ulquiorra.

Bleach Chapter 531 Ichigo's inner hollow

That is just an awesome picture, I could not resist putting it here.

The most interesting thing from this chapter was Isshin’s shikai. It seems that he has flame-type zanpakuto, which suggest some sort of relation between his family and Yamamoto. And here we all were (or I was, at least ^_^’), thinking that Isshin, just as Ichigo, had useless shikai. I know, I know, no need to attack me with about how good and useful Zangetsu is. It can be useful, it can be useless, it depends on the chapter be are talking about. But anyway, lets admire Isshin’s shikai:

Bleach Chapter 531 Burn, Engetsu! Isshin's shikai

Burn, Engetsu!

Also, there were a couple lines by Masaki that I want to post:

Bleach Chapter 531 Masaki Kurosaki

I like how she put it. Maybe there is someone, who is reading this post, who agrees with Masaki. But it is easier said than done.

Also, since I put here the quote of Masaki, I have to put here the quotation of Ryuu (Uryu’ father):

Bleach Chapter 531 Ryuu-chan

That is so cold and emotionless. Just the sort of thing you hear (and then see done) in the real life.

And who would you think would still the lead by the end of the day? Aizen ^_^ He can’t help himself, but to try his best to make lives of others interesting and exciting and full of peril.

Bleach Chapter 531 Aizen vs Isshin

Also Aizen stole this costume from Urahara.

I want more chapters like this. Hope I will get what I want, at least for the next week. See you (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “Bleach, chapter 531. Isshin’s shikai.

  1. This chapter was awesome. I couldn’t help but admire Masaki’s character. Obviously she was powerful and could fight hollows. So why couldn’t she kill the hollow that attacked Ichigo and her? Remember it was a weak hollow. Ichigo defeated it even before he went to soul society and got some training. I wonder what Kubo is going to say about that. He would probably show us something that has happened while Ichigo lost consciousness.

    • I thought you would like her =) I think she lost her powers the same way Uryu did during the Soul Society arc, and so she was an easy prey to the hollow. And if that is the case, then we will probably see her using Letzt Stil to defend Isshin from that Ichigo-like hollow.

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