Mangirl! Episode 13. Happy end.

The last episode. T_T

I was worried about how they will end th series, will the end be good enough and such. When you watch a school comedy, you expect it to end on the end of a year, so there si a logical conclusion to it. But in this case, there is no logical conclusion. The work of a magazine stuff never ends. But they managed to make a solid ending, by making two time skips in a row.

Mangirl! Episode 13 Earth's star

The girls are looking at the issues of their magazine

The first time skip brought us to a point when their magazine was already one year old. It is hard to think of those girls as of real professionals, but apparently they are, by this point.

Mangirl! Episode 13 An error

They found an error on the cover of one of the issues.

At some point they started talking about making a celebration of the magazine’s anniversary. I thought that they will end episode this way, showing them having fun and talking about their future. But they did much better than that. Suddenly two people came in and said that their first manga “Cyborg Sakamoto Ryoma” is going to be animated.

Mangirl! Episode 13 random people

Who are this two?

Animation of one of the manga series clearly makes the magazine go on the whole new level. Later they learned that the animation will be delayed, but some company is going to make an anime out of them. An anime, named “Mangirl!” or “Mangaru!”, if you will. That is such an unexpected end. Considering that the anime is manga-based, I wonder how the original story ended.

Mangirl! Episode 13 Hana dancing

Hana performs a dance for the anime. Or so she says.

Than they put in another time skip, a one year long one. Let’s look at the girls:

Mangirl! Episode 13 After two years

Now it is official. They are wearing the same clothes for two years.

I find it amusing that they decided to make them wear the same clothes for the whole show. Usually you see that in action shows were some people simply never change what they are wearing. But in the slice of life shows it usually is different. I guess they wanted to show that while editing manga is cool and all, the amount of money you earn will cover only your basic needs and luxury of buying a new T-shit is going to be out of your reach.

Mangirl! Episode 13 fractal

This is a screenshot from a manga-based anime about manga magazine, and you can see the cover of the manga magazine that promote the anime, based on the life of the characters from the anime you are watching. Does this make sense?

Mangirl! was a nice series. It started bad, but it was keeping getting better, and by the end of the season it is the series that I enjoyed the most. There should be one extra episode coming out, I will definitely watch it. If you watched Mangirl, I hope you liked it as much as I did (or better). I will not promise a review for this show, cause right now I am not feeling up to the task. So, see you (^_^)/

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Ai Mai Mi, episode 12, monster ate ’em all

Another typical Ai Mai Mi episode. This time we learned that Mai likes monsters and the girls went to find her one.

Ai Mai Mi Episode 12 Ai Mai Mii

Sunset shots always look good, even if the animation is as simple as this

And what do you think, they did find one! Its name is Bankegon.

Ai Mai Mi Episode 12 Bankegon


And Bankegon ate them all and Ponoka-senpai for a good measure. Such a nice way to end the episode. They should have made this to be the last episode, so viewers would be questioning themselves, if this comedy became a tragedy all of a sudden. Next episode is the last one and we will see what has happened to the girls. See you then (^_^)/

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