Anime podcast of the week. April 1, 2013.

This week I have for you two episodes of very different podcasts. The first one is from one of the Anime3000 shows,  “2 Guys and a Mic” podcast. I have already featured one of their episodes, the one where they talked about Baka and Test series (here). Thus far, that is the most enjoyable anime review I’ve heard. But I tend to like positive reviews more than negative ones, and also I wondered if 2 Guys and a Mic will be as good with criticizing shows as they are with praising them. Turns out that they are.

Tales of Phantasia - 2 Guys and a Mic

Let me present you episode “Tales of Phantasia” of 2 Guys and a Mic podcast. The episode is full of criticism, but for some reason I think that even big fans of the game and the anime series will not be offended by this. Here is the link to the episode – Tales of Phantasia – 2 Guys and a Mic.

The next show that I am bringing you this week is an episode of End Credits podcast. The episode features Crispin Freeman, a voice actor whom you, I assume, know very well. If not, you can read my other post about him here, or browse the internet, as the number of articles written about him is almost infinite.

If you have listened to more than two or three Crispin’s interviews already, you have probably noticed that at least one or two questions are always the same, “How you started your voice-over career?”, “How to become a professional voice actor?” and such. Well, we have to deal with it. I have chosen to put this interview here, because I think that this particular interview is one of the best ones he had done recently. If you don’t know much about Crispin and his ideas, you may listen to only that one interview and get some decent amount of information. And, at the same time, if you are one of his regular listeners, you still may enjoy it, cause it is somewhat not stereotypical.

End Credits

The name of the episode is Ep34 w/ Crispin Freeman, and here is your link – Ep34 w/ Crispin Freeman.

Hope you like the podcasts that I choose for this week, and see you later (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Anime podcast of the week. April 1, 2013.

  1. Hello, My name is Cory Tibbits. You may know me as host and Producer of the End Credits podcast. I just wanted to truly thank you for the kind word regarding our interview with Crispin Freeman.

    It was an honor just to have him on.

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