Death Note, reaction on the 2nd and 3rd episodes.

I have watched the first three episodes of the show and I want to tell you what I am thinking. I understand that my ideas might be proven wrong in the very next episode, but whatever. If I wait till the end of the show, to tell you what I am thinking, I will just forget most of it.

Death Note Episode 3 L


First of all, I must warn you. I tend to criticize shows that I like. And I like this show a lot. So in this post I am going to criticize Kira. And I am going to do that because I am interested in his character and his personality.

So, to start with, I understand that Light is a very smart guy. You can’t very well be one of the best students of Japan and not be smart. Also, I understand that he is seriously committed to his project of changing the world. Alright, now what is the biggest risk this project has? It is the risk that Kira’s identity will be discovered. So, what Light should try to do is to hide Kira’s identity.

Death Note Episode 3 Light


Now has he done a good job of that so far? No. First was that incident with the fake L. I understand that Light has very poor self-control. But that was a really bad slip. Even if it was the real L, what would it change? Nothing. the act of killing someone on TV would give a lot of information and it is not like there is only L who has brain in the whole world.

His second slip was as bad. Being a smart person, Light should knew that idea that the key to the identity of a criminal is the motive and the opportunity. And while he can’t hide his motives, he should have done something so that he won’t fall into the list of people with the opportunity.

Death Note Episode 3 Fake L

Fake L

The fact that he let the police get that small time window, in which he works was bad itself. By doing that he made a lot of abilities for people, who could have been suspects, which was bad for him. But then, by immediately changing the pattern he  shown the police and L that he has access to the classified data, and revealed some of his techniques. What did he achieve? Some chance that L will irritate the police to the point where they will go on him and discover his identity? Was it worth it?

I tell you this. All Light’s actions gave L list of 141 police members, one of whom has a connection with Kira. That is a fail. Having all the police force of Japan, they did not need L to do the job, anymore. What needed to be done was just to make a thorough check on all the people from the list. And that is it.

Death Note Episode 3 Light talking with the shinigami

After that, things should get more interesting

Now, one last thing. When L was broadcasting on the Japanese TV, what language did he use? Japanese? If so, it is obvious that he is a local person, which should somewhat diminish the mystery of L. If not, than the fact that Kira was able to understand his should give away Kira’s identity even more, as there are not so many Japanese people who can easily understand English (and spell names).

Hope you fans of Death Note aren’t mad at me. Would be funny if someone would really get mad at me for this post. At any rate, feel free to argue my points in the comments, I will answer. See you (^_^)/

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6 thoughts on “Death Note, reaction on the 2nd and 3rd episodes.

  1. Interesting you pointed out the language thing. Personally I watched it in English and the whole language barrier bit never occurred to me. I just assumed he spoke in English and the Japanese all had some level of Engrish at hand hah. Anyway, props to L for narrowing it down like that.

    • I watch it in English too, but I checked the original version, to see if something was messed up in the dub. In the Japanese version they just always speak Japanese, even during the international meeting in the second episode. So, there is no way to tell which language they are supposed to be using.

  2. Hmm.. I admit that killing the fake L was a bad slip but if he were the real L, it wouldn’t have turned out to be so bad. L is not the only smart person in the world but not every smart person is brave. If L had been killed so easily, most detectives would have been scared of Kira’s god like powers and would have refused to take up the Kira case. It would have given Light an advantage. It turned out to be a bad slip because Light underestimated L.

    Letting the police know that he has access to the classified data is a smart thing to do. It is true that he has fallen into the suspicious people list but I would say that it was worth it. Light is smart enough to protect his true identity from the police even with all the clues he has given.Then there is this other problem. If L had told the police about his list of 141 people and ordered an investigation, most of the important and Japanese police would be under suspicion. This would mess up their team work. Also for an important case like Kira’s case, I bet they selected all the smart and efficient police officers. So the remaining Japanese police would have trouble dealing with them and the probability of Japan agreeing to let other countries cops investigate their police force is low. Plus, Japaneses police still need L. Finding Kira among the 141 people involved with the police officers is dificult. So Light has an advantage here. He can let the police lure L out for him.

    When L asked for the help of Japanese police in the meeting, he was speaking in Japanese. As a matter of fact, ALL the cops from different countries are speaking in Japanese. At one point of the story, even the Amarican president speaks in Japanese. It isn’t about the language. L is one of the main characters of the story. This is a Japanese anime. If he was speaking in English all the time, the Japanese people wouldn’t like it. It did mess up with the story. So for logic’s sake, it’s better to think that ‘everyone’ in Death Note can speak Japanese.

    • I know what you mean. Basically, in that story there IS only one man smart enough to take on Kira. That is absolutly not realistic, but that is the story. I am not saying that it is a bad thing or something, since the presence of shinigami is not a realistic thing either, and so what =)

      No, it was not : D In the real life, checking your police force is a routine work. Every country has special departments that are dealing with that problem dayly. And the point is that Light has little power to protect his identity, besides liying low. Every action he takes gives the police more information. It is not like he can win the game by doing stuff. But I don’t know what will happen next, so might be I don’t see something important.
      By the way, if Kira does something really bad, they now have an option of arresting all the 141 people. It is not that many.

      I know, though I could not resist pointing this out =) Every time you have international relations in your story you get this problem with languages. Sometimes it gets really complicated. Like in Hellsing OVA German people talk with each other in English (cause it is English dub) but with German accent.

      • Nope. There are other smart people in the anime too. Though L is probably the smartest one.

        Wow. I didn’t know that. But I think doing routine checks and treating them like criminals are two different matters. The Japanese police will not like it. Arresting all the 141 people would be a little too much. L doesn’t have any proof to arrest them. Besides arresting the cops as suspects in the Kira case would have caused an uproar.

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