Gamaran, chapter 110, archery.

After some point this manga started to lose its flavour. It started even before Nakamaru started using fruits to increase the power of the enemies. But since the fruits it became obvious. The result was that when I approached chapter 110 I was feeling that I might not enjoy the chapter. It was all the same thing over and over. More bad guys, more bad guys, that are also stronger, more bad guys that are also stronger, and all at once. Whatever, I have seen it, we’ve got to have something new, or it is not going to be interesting anymore. I don’t want a manga about terminators, that take on dozens of very strong people and walk over them like nothing.

And exactly at this point this happened:

gamaran chapter 110 Nakaizumi Arata

Nakaizumi Arata, the leader of the Nakaizumi school

An archer appeared. He is that same archer Gama defeated in one of the first chapters. Finally, we get some complex action! I had enough one on one and one on two (three, four, etc) fights. I want to have more complex stuff. Archery is just the thing. And also, this make the room to grow for the manga. If Iory and Sakura defeated all the bad guy by themselves, that would have made me ask “What is next? How are you going to top that?”. Luckily, that did not happen. So, I just wanted to let you know that this manga gets good again. Don’t know for how long it will last, but still. See you (^_^)/

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