Naruto, chapter 626. End of the flashback.

That was the last chapter of that big and very interesting Hashirama and Madara flashback. I liked it a lot and I wish we spent more time with it. We could have spent some time watching how Hashirama changed from a kid to the most powerful shinobi in the world, we could ‘ve have a chapter about Madara and his family, about his brother and how they had taken over the Uchiha clan, and how they obtained the Mangekyo Sharingan, and how Madara saw his brother die. And we could have got the story about how Madara found and enslaved the Nine Tailed Fox. Oh, there are some many blank spots on the history, that fans would have liked to read about. At least I would have.

But, what would you do, I should be thankful for wat I got.

naruto chapter 626 Choujou Kebutsu

A new overkill technique, Choujou Kebutsu

The first interesting thing that we’ve got in this chapter is that new technique, Choujou Kebutsu. First question that I have about this technique is this. Who is the user? I think it is Madara, because after that panel we saw chopped off arms of that big statue. So, since Madara did not do anything else, he must have used this Chōjō Kebutsu technique (is that the correct spelling?). The second question I have is, what this technique does? I believe it summons something like black balls pierced with two blades each, and those balls rotate and inflict unbelievable damage.

naruto chapter 626 Choujou Kebutsu

Choujou Kebutsu in action

While we are talking about ninjutsu, there was another pretty impressive one. It was Kakuan Nitten Suishu. Yamato used it to restrain Naruto, back when Nine tails tried to take over him. What was impressive about this ninjutsu is its magnitude.

naruto chapter 626 Kakuan Nitten Suishu

That was powerful enough to put Kyuubi to a sleep. Yamato was barely able to deal with incomplete tailed beast mode of Naruto.

But what was more impressive, is that big statue. Oh, sorry, I said big again? Big is a wrong word, I meant GINORMOUS statue. Look how it grabs Kyuubi:

naruto chapter 626 Hashirama vs Kyuubi

Imagine if Hashirama was around when the Nine Tails attacked the Leaf. Made me think, who is really a monster here.

naruto chapter 626 Shin Suusen Ju

That Shin Suusen Ju is somewhat scary. Imagine that this is only the one third of its original hight that it had before it lost its arms.

But what was the most interesting in this chapter was not the new jutsu and the magnitude of the battle. What was the most interesting in this chapter was this one single decision:

naruto chapter 626 Hashirama pierces Madara with a sword

To kill for the sake of others

Hashirama, who was willing to give away his life for the chance that Madara and his people will live in peace with the Senju, he, Hashirama took Madara’s life. Or he only thought that he killed him, but that makes no difference. The important thing is that he did cross that line, the line that not Jiraiya, nor Kakashi and nor Naruto were able to cross. What would you put first, all your friends, your family, your home, or that one man, who was your friend once? That is a tougher question that you would think. If it was so easy to answer, Sasuke would have been dead by now, and the series would have been over already.

naruto chapter 626 Hashirama

“kill for the sake of the village”

Naruto says that he will protect the village and save Sasuke. That is a talk. If Sasuke decides to go against the Leaf to the end, there will be no way to stop him without taking his life, or his freedom, which might be an even more cruel thing to do. So what will Naruto do, if he has to decide? And also, there is one more difference. Naruto had always been equal to Sasuke, so he had no power over Sasuke, and no chance to decide what to do with him. Hashirama was superior to Madara for years and it was not the first time he held his life in his hands. The burden of this decision, that he was making over and over, was something that Naruto, or any other character for this matter, has never experienced.

naruto chapter 626 The Second, the Third and the Fourth Hokage

Maybe that is why, when Hashirama was speaking, I felt like he was a soldier returned from a war, that speaks to children. Even though all the hokage after him sacrificed their lives for the sake of the village. None of them sacrificed his heart.

It was a good chapter. What’s left now is to see what Sasuke will say about this story. And what Hashirama will do after that. Will he go to the battlefield? I think he will. So, till the next time (^_^)/

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8 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 626. End of the flashback.

  1. Phew, we are out of that flashback in a flashback in the B-story about Sasuke. Hopefully thing actually start happening again.

    Or most likely we’ll start having a flashback of a fairy tale about how Ninja scroll paper first came into print or some shit like that.

      • It was nice to see that Hashirama and Madara weren’t the same variations of the personalities that are prevalent throughout the generations like every other character ever is. It was an interesting flashback with good world building, I just found it’s placement in the story to be very questionable.

        • Ah, you mean that we were just about to get the climax of the fight between Madara and the shinobi army, and then we suddenly went off to Sasuke and the flashbacks =) Yeah, Kishimoto likes doing that sort of stuff, for some reason. Probably, it serves to keep the tension (or to make sure that fans keep buying the manga).

  2. I really liked this chapter. Naruto never really had to make a hard choice. If he had to choose between Sasuke and Konoha , what would he do? World cannot be changed by pretty words (Lelouch Vi Britannia). I liked your reaction on this chapter as much as I liked the chapter XD The way you out is was awesome. I actually saved the page in my laptop.

    • Really? O_O I am honored =)
      I wonder what Sasuke will make out of this story. For some reason, I think his reaction will be something liek this: “That was an interesting story, old man. But now I have to go and fight Naruto”.

      • That’s Sasuke for you o.O I think Kishi wants Naruto to change Sasuke which is sort of ridiculous.

        • As I see it, Sasuke might change his mind about the Leaf without Naruto’s help. But even so, he will have to fight Naruto to find out who is the strongest, and to keep his word, and not to look weak and afraid. All those three reasons are somewhat childish, but, I think, they will work for Sasuke.

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