Bleach, chapter 532. Masaki defeated the hollow?

We are one chapter closer to the moment when Kubo will have to tell us what Ichigo’s inner hollow is doing here. That is probably the main point of the chapter story-wise. Kidding, the chapter was good, actually. So, what happened in it? That now is a real question.

First, we had some teaser about Isshin’s bankai.

bleach chapter 532 Aizen is trolling you

Isshin’s bankai puts quite a burden on his body. Yeah, right.

Basically Aizen is trolling us, giving away information that by itself means nothing. It suppose to mean that Isshin can not use his bankai when seriously wounded. But, let us not forget, it is a shonen manga. So, if need be, he will use it, even if he is half dead.

Here is some more trolling from Aizen:

bleach chapter 532 Aizen went on trolling you.

If you think that you are supposed to understand that, you are wrong.

So, Ichigo’s inner hollow has “inner whiteness”. I am tempted to explain this using Russian dolls. Anyway, the point is that this is some very mysterious thing. In fact, it is so mysterious, that it probably won’t make much sense, even after we get the explanation. I hope I am wrong.

Then, in this chapter, we had seen Isshin using some technique, that involved him licking his own blood off his hand.

bleach chapter 532 Isshin Kurosaki "drinks" (I guess) his own blood

I think it is the first time we see a technique, that involves the usage of user’s own blood.

Then Isshin can spit a storm of fire. Maybe his blood is flammable or something. Might be that his blood is fused with his reiatsu, that has fire nature, and that is why he can use his blood to create this flamethrower effect.

bleach chapter 532 Isshin uses Uchiha techniques

“Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!” ^_^

Also, I would like to mention that Kubo done his best to make Masaki look pretty. I won’t be surprised if she will get tons of fanboys now. It would be a little weird, cause the same people will be fans of Ichigo, and she is his mom.

I put here some of the Masaki pictures. This way, even if you did not like (or did not read) what I write, you still won’t feel like you have waste your time coming to this page ^_^

bleach chapter 532 masaki kurosaki with a bow

Masaki Kurosaki with a bow

bleach chapter 532 Masaki Kurosaki fanservice

That is a plain fanservice. But, why not.

bleach chapter 532 Masaki Kurosaki


Also, here is one of the best panels from the chapter:

bleach chapter 532 Aizen. Nerd mode.

Aizen looks like such a geek here. I probably look the same when I am working in my lab.

For some time now, both Kubo and Kishimoto give us some really interesting chapters. I hope they both will be able to keep it up. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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