Gamaran, chapter 119. Riko.

You know like usually in the shonen manga and anime you need to beat someone to the ground to convince him to change his ways and become a good person? That is all very well when you seen first couple of times, but after some time it gets old. If you watch or read Naruto, you will definitely get what I mean. Gamaran does this thing too. And I am not happy about it. I like to see unexpected things, I like to have doubts about how the fight is going to end. So, that is why when I saw Riko, a former member of the Ogame school, admitting the defeat and changing sides before Gama had a chance to take him down, I was glad.

Gamaran Chapter 119 Riko vs Gama

You see, Riko is standing

So, Gamaran is not absolutely hopeless, even after 119 chapters. Though it does not feel as good as it used to be, when I was reading the first 10 chapters. See you (^_^)/

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