Senyuu. Episode 13. The end.

Not that I dislike the series. But it was so obvious that they were dragging their feet with the plot waiting for the end, that I can’t help be feel relieved that this anime is over and they won’t have to suffer through another episode.

Senyuu Episode 13 The act of saving the world

The act of saving the world

Apparently, it was the king who made the whole mess with the demons and stuff. But I suspect that no one cares.

By the way, if you are wondering why I did not write anything about the episode 12, I can tell you. There was nothing to write about (T_T) That was sad, considering that at the start I thought that Senyuu was going to be so good that I wanted it to have a second season.

So, the world is saved. I know that Alba said that “NO, IT IS NOT! O_O’ >.<“, but whatever. They can have fun without us watching it.

Also, it was mentioned that we will have another episode in the July. Besides that, we are going to have two more bonus episodes, one coming out in April and one in May, if the schedule for the new season is not lying. And on that happy note we are going say good-bye to Senyuu for the time. See you (^_^)/

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