Anime podcast of the week. April 9, 2013.

The set of podcasts I picked for this week is going to be quite an interesting one. First, let me introduce you to podcasts. They have quite a complicated system there, so I can’t even give you the proper name of their, hmm, network, I guess? Well, “” will have to do. They do Newsroom series, where each episode is long and they discuss news that is related to anime and a whole lot of other stuff. They answer voice mails there, so you may try to send your question to them this way. Also, they do Bonus Round series, which I haven’t checked yet (and if you are familiar with anime 3k anime podcast network, then you, probably, know about this podcast already), and also, they do Flashback episodes, where they, as I understand, cut reviews out of the their old podcasts and put them as separate works, which is rather convenient for listeners and much appreciated.

So, this week I am presenting you two episodes of Flashback series from The first one is a review of a pretty old anime, called Wicked City. It is always fan to listen to reviews for Wicked City ^_^ Beware, it is not appropriate for young children to listen to. Also, if you don’t want to hear discussion of erotic scenes, you might wish to stay away from this review. Here is the link – Flashback: Wicked City!

ninjascroll Fightbait


The second review I have for you is the one of Ninja Scroll. That is also is quite an old anime and it also contains some inappropriate for children parts (that goes more for the anime than for the review, I guess). But it gives you a feeling of what anime used to be like. Here is the episode – Flashback: Ninja Scroll!

The second podcast I’ve chosen for this week is 2 Guys and a Mic podcast from anime 3k. If you read my weekly ‘Anime podcast of the week’ posts, you probably are familiar with this podcast already. That is their third time being featured here, if I remember things right.

Hellsing Ultimate - 2 Guys and a Mic

This time I put there their review of Hellsing Ultimate OVA series. That was a really good review of that anime, made me laugh more than once. But be prepared, Hellsing is a very gory anime and they discuss this side of the show at length. Here is the link – Hellsing Ultimate – 2 Guys and a Mic.

Hope you like the podcats I picked for you this time. See you next week (^_^)/

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