Death Note, episodes 6-8

I was a little bit afraid that the show would not be able to stay as good as it was during the first episodes. Just because it is a little too high standard. But well, I can’t say that I was right. The show changes with each episode. If you liked the first episode because of the almighty Kira, then you might not be satisfied with the progress of the story. But if you like the detective aspect of the plot, then you might find it getting more and more amusing. But on yet another  hand, if you liked the mystery of the fight between anonymous L and the Death Note in Light’s hands, then you probably are missing the first episodes.

Death Note Episode 6-8 L eating ice cream

I like how they are eating ice creams while doing stuff. That is a nice arrangement ^^

So Kira got the fiancée of the FBI agent he killed before. But he barely did it, which speaks of the risk the whole operation of eliminating FBI agents had. Actually, there is one aspect of the whole thing with killing those agents that is not clear. Why did Light need the name of Penber? As far as I can see, he needed the name only to make sure that Penber meets him on that station. Then, of course, it might be that Light made him be obedient before his death, or something alone the line.

Death Note Episode 6-8 Light's sister

Btw, I hope nothing happens to Light’s sister. She is such a likable character. If it does, don’t tell me or I would be upset.

Now, let us think one more time, who is winning the game and why. Thanks to the FBI elimination Kira was able to reduce the manpower of his opponent. Did it help? Actually no, it did not help at all. L was able to do what ever he wanted the whole time, without any problems. So the whole operation was a waste, sad but true. And not only was it a waste, but it gave L additional facts to go from.

First, he was able to circle down the list o suspects. Now Light has cameras all over his house. Would have it happen if he laid still and did not try to fence with L? I think not.

Second, L have seen the file that Penber was carrying. I do not know if it will, but it might give L some ideas. Think about it. L know that there is no obvious way Kira could know faces and real names of FBI agents. But he knows that Penber received a list of the names and photos from his boss (I think he knows that, I am not sure). So, it is logical that Kira would kill those agents through Penber, somehow. Now, there is that alien object that Penber carries. That gives you an idea of the shape of the weapon, doesn’t it? And it gives you an idea of how it works. It can’t be something too complicated, or else Penber would not have been able to use it.

Death Note Episode 6-8 Light eats chips

That was an epic chips eating, by the way

So, I will go on watching the show, hope L follows this train of thoughts that I just put there. See you (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Death Note, episodes 6-8

  1. In the beginning, Light wanted to know Ray Penber’s name to kill him. But after seeing the his FBI identity, he couldn’t do it. If the FBI is involved, they wouldn’t just be investigating a single person. Let us say, there are 12 FBI agents investigating the Japanese police force and one of them dies in an ‘accident’, L would immediately suspect the people that are being investigated by that agent. So killing all the officers at once would reduce the risk. Besides, Light NEEDED to know Penber’s for his plan. He made the direct superior send the list of all the FBI agents to Penber. So Light would have written something like ‘Sends a file containing all the details of the FBI agents investigating the Japanese police officers to Ray Penber’ beside the space left for the first name. If Light didn’t know Penber’s name, this wouldn’t be possible. I don’t think the package Penber carried actually gives L an idea about the shape of the weapon. Firstly, it would be hard to think that Light had MADE Penber kill all the FBI agents and also, who would have thought that the murderous weapon is actually a piece of paper? XD By the way, you didn’t mention anything about seeing L. I was waiting to see your reaction. The first time I saw L, I laughed. He is completely different from what I Imagined. I actually like that about L. He isn’t perfect in everything like Light. His appearance made him more human and real.

    • Yeah, but I don’t think that Light should have been bothering himself with Penber at all. There was no reason to kill him, or the rest of the FBI agents.

      I believe Light made Penber’s superior officer send the same file to all his agents. So, he did not need Penber’s name to do that. On the other hand, he did need to know that Penber is from FBI to do all that.

      Well, if you say so =) I am having fun making guesses, that’s all : D But L has some pretty good imagination. He even considered the idea that Kira could kill just by wishing his victims to die. So I wouldn’t pass him to deduce that the weapon is indeed a piece of parer. And, if he look at the video where Light is writting and eating chips, while people are having heart attacks, then he might have a proof for the paper theory =)

      Oh, I have seen L hundreds of times before =) He is one of the most popular anime characters, so I knew exactly how he looked =) I didn’t know that he was a detective, before I started watching the show, but I have seen his face. He has the best male hairdo in anime, from what I’ve seen so far : D And I like his manner of talking. His voice actor did a great job too.

      • Light said it himself. If Penber followed him for a couple of months, he might be exposed.That’s just his point of view. But yeah. I thought he didn’t have to kill the FBI agents too.

        Light only came to know that Penber was from the FBI after seeing his id. So his plan was probably with the risk.

        That’s one way to put it but I think L would be more interested in knowing how Light found out about the criminals rather than what he was writing =) Despite L’s imagination,the paper theory would be a little too much to ask from him. If I were in his shoes, I would never think about the paper being the murder weapon.

        I didn’t see L before. So it was a surprise to me. I didn’t see that coming. When I saw him, I was like LOL O_O His eyes are blank and do not show any emotion. His back is bent and he wears jeans that are too long for him and he said “I am L” while scratching one of his legs with the other one XD That was awesome.

        • In his situation L has to think of every possibility =) Usually, in murder cases you have to find a motive and a opportunity. If one person has both, than he is a good suspect. But Kira is a kind of maniac, so there is no real motive. So, you can only search for the people, who has the opportunity. And without knowing the weapon, with which the crimes were commited, you can hardly do so. Well, L manages, somehow, so far =) I guess he sees Kira’s ability to kill as something supernatural, that you can’t discover by looking for it. Or else, he would have searched Yagami house all through and found the Death Note (or, fall for Light’s trap and burn it).

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