Naruto, chapter 627. Sasuke is a good guy now? Really?

This chapter probably is very-very exciting for Sasuke fans and for all the people who waits for the big Sasuke vs Naruto fight. The first are probably happy, cause now Sasuke can end up being a hero, but the second are probably mad, cause now there is a chance that we won’t have Naruto and Sasuke fight after all. Though I still think we will still have it.

Naruto Chapter 627 pic6

New big manga spoiler: “Sasuke is going to fight Madara”. Soon on your Naruto forum.

I personally find it less interesting than the last one. It was interesting that Sasuke made this decision, but there weren’t much stuff besides it.

Naruto Chapter 627 pic3

I don’t mean that the chapter was boring though. For example there was this unexpected fact that Shisui Uchiha was a son Of Kagami Uchiha

And in case you forgot the face of Kagami, and google image search only gives you pictures of a school girl with two ponytails, then here you go:

Naruto Chapter 627 pic2

Remember there was a time when lots of people thought that Tobi is Kagami? =)

What I don’t like about this chapter is the drawing style. Don’t get me wrong, Kishimoto is a great artist, but this time he did not do his best. There are lots of panels where he could have done a better job drawing expressions. Like here:

Naruto Chapter 627 pic4

Both sasuke and Sarutobi deserved to be drawn better

The conversation about that Uchiha like Kagami, Shisui and Itachi were the ones who felt the Will of Fire deeper than the others was kind of interesting. I have a hard time seeing how Itachi’s actions had anything to do with the Will of Fire though. It was rather the Will of Danzo, or something. In fact, what Itachi did was rather what Madara would do. He killed people for the greater good and he tried to create a world of illusions for his brother and he twisted his life in order to give him power. Where is there any sigh of the Hashirama’s will?

Naruto Chapter 627 pic1

Oh really?..

Also, Karin is back. Karin fans, I hope you are happy ^_^

Naruto Chapter 627 pic8

I like this note at the bottom. We are so used to bad translations that we really need this note to understand that there is something intentionally wrong with her speech

Naruto Chapter 627 pic9

Look at his face, that alone makes it worth it to have Karin in the team ^^

And now let me ask Suigetsu to summarize the situation for us:

Naruto Chapter 627 Suigetsu

Thank you, Suigetsu, that was very precise.

There was nothing much to talk about in this chapter. We can go into the discussion about how Sasuke can help in the fight against Madara, besides standing at a good distance and not getting in Hashirama’s way. Same goes for Naruto, by the way. Unless… he should have got the second half of Kuubi’s power, so he might have gotten even stronger now. Also, I would like to mention that Tobi put a lot of effort into helping Sasuke and if Sasuke repay him by killing him it would look really dumb. We will see what happens. Till the next time (^_^)/

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41 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 627. Sasuke is a good guy now? Really?

  1. I didn’t really expect Sasuke to joing the war like this O_O Hmm.. I do think that Itachi inherited the will of fire from Hashirama. He threw away everything he had to protect the village just like Hashirama killed (At least he THOUGHT that he killed) Madara to protect the hidden leaf. He didn’t have a choice. He tried to make Sasuke look like a hero but Sasuke didn’t follow the path Itachi set for him and ended up as a rogue ninja. If Hashirama had to kill Tobirama to protect the hidden leaf, what would he do? I am sure that Hashirama would have wanted to become a villain and make Tobirama live in an illusion instead of killing him.

    • Well, it is not like Madara did not want to protect his brother, just like Hashirama. It is just that Hashirama wanted to go the way of peace, while Madara, kind of, wanted the way of war. And in the end, Madara invented that idea of the infinite Tsukuyomi, which very similiar to what Itachi tried to make for Sasuke =)
      If Hashirama was in the same position as Itachi was, he would not do what was asked of him. He would have put everything he’s got into resolving the situation in some other way. You remember Itachi said that there might have been a chance of convincing the Uchiha against the riot. Itachi said that Sasuke could have done that. Itachi himself did not do that, because he did not believe in changing people. He rather believed in tricking them. I don’t mean that as a bad thing, it is just the other way of looking at things. But what I meant is taht Hashirama would have taken the chance and tried to stop the riot by words, not hands. Just like he took his chances with the Uchiha in the days of end of the war.

      • Itachi wanted Sasuke to be hapy. That is why he created the illusion. Madara on the other hand wanted to create an illusion because he thought that humans can never understand true peace.

        Yeah Hashirama would have dealt with it differently but then again Itachi and Hashirama are two different persons. Do you really think every war could be stopped by words? If that were the case, we wouldn’t have studied about a lot of wars in our social studies class.

        • Madara wanted all the people to be happy, isn’t that a wonderful thing to wish? =) He said that he wanted to make a world with no losers, no war and suffering. That is even a better goal that Itachi’s was. But the means are the same. Lies and manipulation.

          I know what you mean. I just go from what Itachi said about Sasuke, that he might have stopped the riot. If we assume that the Uchiha riot was inevitable, then, given the circumstances, I don’t think Hashirama could have dealt with the situation better than Itachi. But people create circumstances. Danzo knew that he could use Itachi to wipe off the Uchiha. He would not trust Hashirama with such mission.

          At any rate, Kishimoto thinks that Itachi was like Hashirama. I disagree. I am not going to win this sgrument, because that is useless to go against the author : D

          • Madara wants everyone to be happy but he want to do it by taking their freedom to choose. It’s the same as killing them. I would rather choose to die instead of living my entire life in an illusion as someone’s puppet. Being controlled by someone without being able to do anything on my own would be crueler than death.

  2. sasuke is going to fight madara and naruto but itachi well show and tell sasuke the truth and the naruto and sasuke well battle madara and win. then sasuke well go to the leaf and tell every one that they have to fight tobi

  3. Hey PEEPS!!! WTFz goin on!!!! i was waiting for a LONG TYM…Such a Long Tym nd now when i thought dat it wud be NARUTO v/s Madara+Sasuke+Orochimaru….where Naruto wud hv had 2 make Sasuke realize his better side>>> IT ALL WUD HV BEEN SOooo….OOO EPIC!!! Then ALL of aa SUDDEN….Orochimaru turns all CUSHY/MUSHY nd revives the DEAD…. DAFAQ!!!THIS IS !$$***IN NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL!!!! THere Goes all D EPIC ACTION & Emotions!!!! god damn it

  4. He said the shinobi who understood the first hokage was Uchiha. And Those Hokage complimented Uchiha clan and the third Hokage apologized that he was responsible for letting Danzo carry out his mission. Everything was for village. Sasuke’s brother wanted to protect the village until the end, so Sasuke didn’t want his brother and Uchiha clan to die in vain. So he is gonna protect the village what his brother has been protecting.

    • He said that he was going to destroy it, though. Sasuke is not a person who changes his mind easily and he does not like to protect. Though I won’t argue with you, in the end what you are saying is what Sasuke says now…

  5. Um, It’s really not up to sasuke wether to kill Tobi or not, plus wasn’t it Tobi the one who released the nine tails in the village? It’s up to Naruto what he does to Tobi, I mean Tobi technically killed his parents. But, I don’t see naruto as a revenge kind of person. He probably would talk it out on Tobi, and who knows. Tobi might realize something. And about that Hashirama will, I believe that iTachi did have that. You know the term, “fool your allies first in order to fool your enemy’ , even tho he did it in his own twisted way by slaughtering people, he did for the villages own good. He was willing to become an enemy to the village, the village that he adores so much. And he also did it to protect his beloved brother, again in his own twisted way. Also, the term ‘To know your enemy, you must become your enemy’ , that’s exactly what iTachi did. Pretty smart guy I must say. If hashirama senju was in iTachis shoes, he would probably do the same thing too to protect the village, but in his own way of course.

    Hahaha and suigetsu, I really love his character, despite the fact of whats going on around him, he can still be so silly.

    Karin, idk. LOL I just feel sorry for sasuke that’s all.

    Right, about sasuke joining the war again with the rest to fight Madara, I don’t really know what he is up to, but I do have a hunch of what he’s about to do.

    He’s either SERIOUS about protecting the village, or just planning something diabolical, like what orouchimaru did in the past. Either that, or he’s protecting the village and iTachis will, in his own twisted way. Idk, it’s quite interesting you know, all this Sasuke returning. It’s so mysterious. I love it.

    • Oh and I forgot to say about the Naruto vs Sasuke fight. Dont worry, they will probably fight together like they did before, but not fight to death. Just a fight to see more to each other. Plus I will trust sasuke more, when he finally fights with naruto. Idk about you guys, but when enemies fight with naruto, he seem to always see the good in them. I’m not saying sasuke is an enemy, it’s just I wanna see how naruto will say after he fights sasuke. I can’t wait too! Eek.

      • Yeah, they can do that. Though that is not what fans what, cause this fight won’t be intense enough =) And both Naruto and Sasuke has some deadly moves, would be hard to make it into a friendly fight.

        Naruto has the power to turn people good, yeah. Don’t know how it will work on Sasuke. Probably just fine =)

    • Oh, Hashirama would never do what Itachi did =) Killing for the sake of greater good, that is a twisted way that leads only to pain and suffer and never to happiness. Hashirama believed that you can do things without resorting to killing, that is why Madara was able to live to be an old man =)

      You feel sorry for Sasuke because of Karin? xD I can see your point, Karin does become more and more crazy as the story goes.

      Yeah, Sasuke’s return did liven up the story. Though we really need to know what is going on in his head to understand the situation.

      • Yeah I know hashirama wouldn’t kill people for the sake of greater good. But, he would do anything to protect the village even by becoming An enemy of the village.

        Yes, you should see sasukes face, he must be like ” oh man, I wish this crazy chic would just go and die” of course he’s joking tho, I’m sure he cares about Karin. I guess.

        I’m sure sasuke is planning something.

        Remember that part where naruto said he’ll take care of the rest? But sasuke didn’t really listen. I think that’s just his character.

        Btw, whats your opinion on orouchimaru helping the war? Do you think it’s suspicious?

        • Oh, sure, if Hashirama would sacrifice himself to help others. He even tried to do so once. In that sense he and Itachi are alike.

          I think Sasuke is actually a bit shy when it comes to the relations, so he feels embarrassed when Karin hang on his neck =)

          I think Orochimaru should have some sort of a plan. Though, I am afraid that his plan might be just to stick to the winning side, which would not be very entertaining. Sasuke’s plan is a different deal, he might be plotting something intricate.

    • Me, I don’t trust him at all =) And I’m sure Naruto and Sakura will pay for believing in him once more. Though they can take it, it is not like Sasuke can kill them.

      Oh, and no one should ever trust Orochimaru.

      • Hahaha naruto and sakura are probably blinded by happiness cos sasuke is back. But I think sakura knows something, I mean, even tho she doesn’t look like the type to observe or stuff, I think she knows that sasuke probably planning something.

        • No one can be as blinded as Naruto, even Sakura xD But really, I think both Sakura and Naruto understand that there will be a catch to it, that Sasuke will do something. But they are willing to take the risk.

          • Yeah that too. They’re probably too happy to point it out. But yeah. But I remember iTachi asking naruto this, when they fought. ” if sasuke happens to attack konoha village, what would you do?” And stuff. So I was like, surprised too, I mean, if sasuke did plan to attack the village, I can’t wait what naruto would do. I mean yeah, sasuke did say that he mean no harm and he just wants to join the war to fight, but we don’t know about that right.

            • So far they were right to trust him though. Sasuke even saved Naruto once. But than again, the backlash is coming, I think everyone is sure of it. But it will have to wait till all the big stuff that is going on in the manga right now quiets down a little bit.

              But yeah, me too, I would like to see how Naruto is going to manage that if Sasuke attacks Konoha.

              • Hahaha, but the funny part was when sasuke said he wanted to be the hokage! You should of seen narutos face when he said that! LOL

  6. I love karin so glad she’s back hope she and sasuke hit it off and I don’t really see a life for sasuke in konoha I mean he did kill danzo and attack the five kages . I really wonder how kishi wants to pull that one off. Hell probably always be a missing nin. Except he dies that would resolve a whole lot.

    • Well, Naruto said that Kurama will be a citizen of Konoha from now on, and Kurama has killed way more people. No one cares about Danzo :D I think Sasuke might be able to go back. I doubt he will want that, though.

  7. I think there is a possibility that there will or wont have a big fight because of the manga sasuke is fighting for the village and his brother and he seem to change his ways so thats why I dont think there will be a fight plus naruto probably wouldnt want to fight him at all but my reason so suspect a fight after maybe a few epsiodes after they finish the battle/war against Madera( I think I spelled his name wrong ) is many theories about naruto or sasuke becoming hokage and it can be possible that they could fight for that spot who knows but I wouldnt think they would fight over that but like I said who knows but I really would like to know if there will be this big fight between naruto and sasuke , What would it be about? Who would win? Also if someone dies who would it be? And I wouldnt want any of them to die because I love naruto and sasuke they are my favorite characters in naruto including itachi but its up to what we see in the manga but I really dont want naruto shippuden to end at all if it did I wish they can at least make some sorta come back in a year or 2 at least because naruto shippuden is popular and many people wouldn’t want it to go

    • They won’t kill one another, that I’m sure of. What can happen though is one of them becoming incapable of being a hokage. Or they can share the title. As for the comeback, I don’t think it is possible, the series has cornered itself with all the power-ups Kubo did.

  8. This song explains sasuke perfactly

    I can’t escape this hell
    So many times i’ve tried
    But i’m still caged inside
    Somebody get me through this nightmare
    I can’t control myself

    So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
    No one will ever change this animal I have become
    Help me believe it’s not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal
    (This animal, this animal)

    I can’t escape myself
    (I can’t escape myself)
    So many times i’ve lied
    (So many times i’ve lied)
    But there’s still rage inside
    Somebody get me through this nightmare
    I can’t control myself

    So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
    No one will ever change this animal I have become
    Help me believe it’s not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
    Help me believe it’s not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal

    Somebody help me through this nightmare
    I can’t control myself
    Somebody wake me from this nightmare
    I can’t escape this hell

    (This animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal)

    So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
    No one will ever change this animal I have become
    Help me believe it’s not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
    Help me believe it’s not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal
    (This animal I have become)

    • I too like Three Days Grace =) I wouldn’t exactly want to dramatize Sasuke’s character too much though. He acts as a problem child more than an adult… which is probably what the song is all about, if I think about it, hmmm. Maybe you are right.

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