Bleach, chapter 533. The hollow blew up.

Not that many things happened in this chapter. Actually, I can probably write the whole thing down in two short sentences. Like “The hollow blew up, Isshin protected Masaki and she told him that she is a quincy and afterward they parted. Meanwhile Aizen intriguing us with some weird stuff”. That is about it, right?

Bleach Chapter 533 Urahara

No, there also was Urahara. It seems that a lot of people knew Masaki, though no one told anything to Ichigo, for some reason.

Bleach Chapter 533 pic6

If you learned something from what Aizen said, then please tell me what did I miss. Just kidding, there is nothing to learn -.- Kubo likes that sort of stuff.

There were some interesting moments in this chapter. Here is one of them:

Bleach Chapter 533 Isshin

Think of it, his people killed off all Masaki’s relatives some time ago. So, what should he do now?

From what I understnad Masaki knows about Soul Reapers and their relations with the quincy. And still, she does not seem to hate them. And she is not the type to ignore the situation, just not to care. I guess she had forgiven the shinigami somehow. And I would really like to know why did she do that, how she saw the problem.

Also, I am glad that Masaki had friends. I was afraid that she was isolated from people.

Bleach Chapter 533 Masaki

I wouldn’t mind a chapter dedicated to Masaki alone. Please?..

So, next chapter should get as to the point of Ichigo’s birth, I think. That is going to be exciting. Also, might be Aizen will actually give us some info about that hollow, he made. See you then (^_^)/

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