Death Note, episodes 9-13

When I was watching episodes 9 and 10 I thought that I knew where the series were going. I thought that L will continue to tighten the rope around Lights neck for ten episodes or so, and then he will catch him. I didn’t believe that the entire series could possible be about Light and L playing with each other. I still don’t. But anyway, the series got me with the introduction of the second Kira. I was very surprised. And the reason was that I came to expect the show to be realistic, except for the part about the Death Note. So, this fantasy-like plot twist was quite a sudden one.

Death Note Episode 9-13 L

He was even more shocked by the unrealism of the events than I was, but for a different reason. I guess, at this moment he accepted the idea that shinigami exist and that is why he was so agitated

I can’t say that I like the story of the second Kira, it is a little bit too cheap. But, at the same time, if generalize the situation, that was exactly what should have happen. I mean that Kira should started getting help from his followers. The true power of the leader is the people whom he leads. And Kira is a leader, of a sort. He is a like a revolutionary and that attracts people. So, that only part that I would complain of is the fact that there happens to be two death Notes in the human world at the same time, and both in Japan.

Death Note Episode 9-13 The second Kira meets the first one

Also, I like the motives of the second Kira. Though, it is hard to believe that she really only wants to be with Light. She seems a little bit too clever to throw away everything for the sake of a man, whom she only met once.

I am very interested to see what happens next. Let me make a wild prediction (and give you a reason to laugh at me). First of all, I think that the identity of the true Kira will be revealed during the first half of the series. I actually think that Light will die or get caught at the episode 18 or 19, maybe a little later. I think so, because that is the middle of the show, and I think that they will make it go different from that point. I wouldn’t be such a popular series, if it wasn’t very well done. And that is why I believe that they will change the show somewhat after the first half passes. Also, I think that Light’s Death Note will go to L. That is logical and that would make a decent plot twist, so I hope they will do it. Also, I think that Light will obtain shinigami’s eyes before the end.

Now, I don’t really know what will happen, and if my predictions are wrong you may say so to me, but please, try not to spoil the series for me. See you (^_^)/

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10 thoughts on “Death Note, episodes 9-13

  1. Man, I am laughing at myself =) I said that Light’s story will end up by the 18th or 19th episode, but right now I have just finished episode 18 and I can see that I was kind of wrong : D And I have a lot to say about the episodes I watched, so there will probably be another post soon.

  2. Misa is too smart to throw everything away for Light? Jeez, trust me. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with her brain

    • nah, I wouldn’t say Misa’s ALL that stupid (though she is an idiot)- it’s just that everybody around her is WAY smarter.
      Though I do have a problem with her. The things she does in this series… makes me wanna bash me head in.

      • Yes. She isn’t all that stupid. She managed to plan everything and stay safe when she was acting on her own before meeting Light. But where did that common sense go when she almost threw her life away for him?

        • It’s called the Anime Girl Effect. When a female in anime (and even in a lot of other media) becomes aware of her gender, her brain power and better attributes (both mental and physical) are rendered useless. It doesn’t apply to all cases but applies to most.

          In that context I wouldn’t call her too stupid compared to other anime females, considering what she does later on in the series (taking the initiative and working stuff out herself- I can’t get too specific for the sake of spoiling stuff.)

          My main problem with her, though, is more like her existence itself. You may think she’s an idiot, but I think she a combination of wart + idiot. (Apologies for the long comment)

          • Yeah. I’ve seen that before but it sounds ridiculous all the same. Any sane person wouldn’t be willing to throw his/her life away for a person who wouldn’t think twice about getting rid of him/her. She gets on my nerves. Oh well. LOL. Don’t worry about it. If I have to apologize every time I post a long comment, I will end up apologizing all my life.

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