Yuyushiki, episode 1. Should I watch it?

For this season I wanted to watch Shingeki no Kyojin and Yuyushiki. While I am definitely hit the spot with Shingeki no Kyojin, I wonder whether or not it was a mistake to take Yuyushiki. I hoped for a school show packed with wild action and decent humour. I don’t think I’ve got it.

Yuyushiki Episode 1 Ichii, Yui

Ichii, Yui, one of the three main characters

The show is about three girls, who just entered high school. One of them is Yui, a reasonable and apparently smart girl. Kind of reminds me of Kagami from Lucky Star. That should be considered a compliment from me, as Kagami is one of my favourite anime character. But it isn’t.  To be an interesting character of a slice-of-life show you need to have some interesting personality. So far I haven’t seen that in this show (that goes for all three girls). But that is the first episode, let’s be fair, even K-on took four episodes to make me interested.

Yuyushiki Episode 1 Hinata, Yukari

Hinata, Yukari

As I said, there are three girls. The second one is Hinata. She is a bit less motivated that a human should be. She is not going to be the second Osaka (Azumanga character), though. So far she did not show her personality, just some traces. There is some potential there.

Yuyushiki Episode 1 Nonohara, Yuzuko

Nonohara, Yuzuko

The last girl is Nonohara. So far she takes the role of the knucklehead (you know, the energetic character, who does dumb stuff). Can’t say much about her personality. And, I remember how often I got it wrong with the personalities of slice of life shows, so I will not make guesses yet.

Yuyushiki Episode 1 Data processing club

Data processing club

What is bad about this show is that is has nothing going on. You would say that there are good shows that have nothing going on, like Lucky Star. Well, I agree, but Lucky Start have something that made it so enjoyable. Maybe it is that Lucky Star made of small funny stories put together, I don’t know. Anyway, Yuyushiki spent the first episode with some weird  humor that was probably a little bit beyond me. Also, they showed us the room of the Data processing club. It probably is realistic, but it surely is too small for any sort of actions. I don’t know, but I have an apprehension that the show isn’t going to have any.

Yuyushiki Episode 1 Random stuff

The show has a lot of random stuff going on.

Also, they spend at least 5 minutes discussing the Sun and Solar System. I have nothing against the basic education, but I already have one, and I don’t fancy listening to junior high school level lessons ಠ_ಠ

Yuyushiki Episode 1 Yuri joke

That was the only moment that made me laugh. Rather because of embarrassment that Yui was feeling, but still ^^’

I will this show a chance. At least, I will watch the next episode. We will see how that goes. Till the next time, then (^_^)/

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