Death Note, 50 days in prison.

So far I have watched the anime up to the episode 28. I did not post reactions every couple of episodes, because instead I kept watching. It was too interesting to stop. And now I can’t possible write all that I think about this anime in one post. So I will bound myself to one topic. And in this post I want to talk about the most interesting plot twist in the show so far, the imprisonment of Light and Misa.

First, I want to say that this was the smartest move Light ever made. At last he realised that he can’t beat L by act, that L can read through anything and get to the truth. And Light needed to make L to belive that he is not Kira. So he made this a reality. That way L had to acknowledge the truth, even though he saw that he was tricked somehow.

What I find strange is how different Light became after he lost the Death Note. It was like he became a different person. I don’t think that it is realistic. Death Note gave him sense of power and god complex, but he still was what he was.

Death Note Episode 17 Misa bondaged

In Misa’s case it was not imprisonment, but rather an abduction

I don’t know if I should even discuss it here. But that scene and the manner that L used to restrain Misa, that cries of BDSM, and that is the last thing I expected to see from the show (btw, if you are under the age, don’t try to find what this acronym means). I had to point that out, because that surprised me a lot. Frankly, I believe that the producers deliberately went for that reaction.

Well, let’s talk about Misa a little. When we first saw her, she acted like an independent and self-contained person, who knows how to get what she wants. Right after she meets Light she changes into obedient and yet frantic fangirl or something of the sort. That is ok, we can take it, love from the first sight and such. That happens.

After she was taken into custody she acted normally. Meaning, she was very depressed. By the third day she was at her limit. That is very realistic, considering the circumstances and the way she was treated. Then right after she looses her memory she changes radically. Now she did not even know who held her and why. She assumes that it is some perverted individual. And what was her reaction? She was almost calm. There were a couple of rule outbreaks, but all in all, she was being very nice towards her prisoner. She even encouraged him to take certain actions, saying that his video won’t sell, if he only makes her sit all the time. That sounds quite weird, coming from a prisoner.

Death Note Episode 17 Misa is talking to Light's father

She is happily talking with her abductor

After spending 50 days sitting in one position on the chair, blindfolded, she still manages to be nice towards her prisoner. More over, after they released her she was talking amiably with Light’s father, who, as she though, was her abductor. It was like she did not have any bad feeling about the whole thing. After she “learned” that the man who was holding her was Light’s father, she instantly started to regret all she told him during the two month of imprisonment. Is that a normal behavior? Could a person be so submissive, or, I don’t know, forgiving?..

And after all this ended she, apparently, did not hold anything against L. Same goes for Light, by the way, and that is FAR more out of character. So, what I want to tell is that Misa’s personality is not real at all. And I think that she was made to be this way solely to entertain certain fans, who would fall for that sort of behavior. There is nothing bad in it, I am just surprised to see it in anime like Death Note.

By the next time I write about Death Note, I will probably finish the series. Till then, see you (^_^)/

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13 thoughts on “Death Note, 50 days in prison.

  1. What? Episode 28? That was sudden. But somehow totally expected; you can’t really pause to write about a show that leaves you at the edge of your seat every couple of seconds. One of the best things about Death Note is it’s frikken exciting. Weird to say about an anime with no action, but no other show has been able to get me on edge like DN did.

    I think I was waiting for your reactions to a certain episode in the 20s, but now you’re on 28 :(. Anyway, I’m curious to see if you think the show goes downhill after that, since a lot of people seem to think so (myself excluded).

    And about Misa. What can I say? The girls absolutely nuts. I stopped trying to understand her ages ago. But the change Light underwent, I understood that part, since he really just reverted to the way he was before the Death Note– According to Ohba and Obata anyway. There are a whole lot of theories about LIght’s behaviour, and some of them are actually very interesting.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t able to stop. It is the first anime in a long time that made me so exited.

      It is so heartwarming to know that you was waiting for my next post to read =) I am going to think the show over and write my thoughts down after. I will probably write a whole post about the change in the anime, after L died. In short, I think that the anime went into a different direction after that. Not that it become better or worse, it just changed a lot. It sort of like when two different mangaka draw two different manga, using the same light novel as a source material, or something like that. But I will have to see the end of the anime to form my opinion.

      I would like to read those theories. I don’t think Light went back to the old ways. It is not like he was such a nice person to begin with. He did not hesitate to try out the Death Note the same day he got it. By the way, did you read the manga? Is Misa the same there?

      • By being the same, I’m assuming you’re asking if she was absolutely bonkers there too? I’m not really sure since I didn’t read most of the manga- just bits of it. My guess is she was.

        Anyway, do you think you’re going to marathon the last 9ish episodes too? Cuz I know for a fact there’s going to be a part near the ending where you’ll be incapable of stopping yourself from watching the next one.

        • Yeah, kind of. If she is the same in the manga, then it makes it more interesting. I thought that her personality might have been a victim of a random fanservice injection, but it seems it wasn’t. Just what the authors wanted to make of her? I wonder.

          I won’t watch them in one go, cause I am a bit short on time with work and such. But it won’t take me long to finish the series. A couple of days, I’d say. But well, there is always a chance that I will watch the anime instead of sleeping (bad idea, but it happens with me).

        • Oh, you’ve read it =) Is it too long? I would like to see how much they change the story in the anime, but if it is too long I just won’t be able too read it through.

          • It is originally a 107 chapter manga. There are some extra chapters that make it a 110 chapter manga. There isn’t much difference between the anime and the manga. I read the manga because I wanted to see how a manga of an awesome anime like Death Note would look like :)

  2. Light was so much like Soichiro Yagami when he lost his memories. That was surprising. I didn’t expect such a drastic change in his character. I remember thinking “Is this what the power to kill does to a person? It twists his character so much that you wouldn’t be able to recognize him anymore.” Light was disturbed by his killings at first but he soon got used to it and developed a god complex.

    • You know, I doubt if he would have grown up to be like Soichiro, even if he hadn’t got the Death Note. His ego and ambition would have got in the way. But I agree with you, the power to kill really changed him a lot. Though, his personality kind of stabilized after the time skip after L’s death. I wonder it he will progress into madness during this new arc.

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