Yuyushiki, episode 2. I am so going to quit.

That is probably it for me and Yuyushiki. I wanted to watch and review a comedy from Spring 2013, but I guess I made a mistake taking Yuyushiki. After watching the first 5 minutes of the second episode I had to stop, write a note for my friend that this is apparently the worst anime from the season, and only after like 10 minutes break I went on watching. Good for me that the rest of the episode wasn’t as bad as the start.

Yuyushiki Episode 2 Hinata, Yukari; Ichii, Yui; Nonohara, Yuzuko

You will probably enjoy this scene more if you watch it raw. Even if you don’t know Japanese. Just saying.

There were a couple of funny moments in the episode. Like when they tried to pronounce Russian dog name “zvezdochka”, which means “a little star”, by the way. I won’t say that the episode was bad all the way through. But still, I think I’ll find something more entertaining to watch. ‘Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru’  is a candidate, as well as Aiura. We will see.

Yuyushiki Episode 2

At least they are having fun ^_^

For those of you, who want to watch the next episode, here is the preview:

As for me, there is still a small chance that I will watch the next episode. But really, chances are that I won’t. So, that most likely is a goodbye, Yuyushiki. See you (^_^)/

My other post on Yuyushiki: Yuyushiki, episode 1. Should I watch it?

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