Aiura, episode 1. Three minutes? Really?

If you’ve read my last post about Yuyushiki, you know that I want to watch some slice of life comedy from this season. I tried Yuyushiki, but it did not live up to my expectations. So now I decided to try Aiura.

The anime was recommended by nyaataku in her preview of the season. I looked up pictures from the show and it looked great, so I decided to give it a try.

AIURA Episode 1 Amaya, Kanaka

This girl’s name is Amaya, Kanaka, if you wonder. No, it wasn’t mention in the episode, I just looked it up ^^

The episode started great. Slow pace, good animation, nice art style, even characters looked likable at the first sight. But then something really unexpected happened. It ended. After three minutes. I was startled. I could be that this show is one of those short ones. It looks too good. Well, it is, and it is a three minutes long per episode. C’est la vie.

AIURA Episode 1 Ayuko Uehara and Amaya, Kanaka

The girl with dark hair is Ayuko Uehara. She is the main character, so far

So, I was not happy about the fact that this show is so short. I posted my reactions for four five minutes long shows last season, and I want a change. But I can’t drop this one, so I will write about it anyway. But now I have to keep looking for the comedy from this season, that I’ll watch. Next one I’ll try is Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Till then, see you (^_^)/

Here is the list of all my posts on Aiura – AIURA.

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4 thoughts on “Aiura, episode 1. Three minutes? Really?

    • That is like cheating xP Nah, not really. By the end of the season there will be about 40 minutes of this show animated, so maybe it is better to watch it all at once, I don’t know =)

      • I am too lazy to remember when the new episode of the anime is going to be released. Besides, I don’t like waiting. So it’s easier to wait until the series is completed and start watching it :) By the way, kazekage doesn’t cheat >.<

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