Bleach, chapter 534. Is Masaki going to die before Ichigo is born?..

If you think that I went for a hot but cheap and misleading title for this article, than I have to disagree with you. I might agree with ‘cheap’ part, but not with ‘misleading’. But we will get to it.

Bleach Chapter 534 Masaki Isshin and Ryuuken in colour

That chapter has such a nice cover that I wanted to put it here ^_^

Basically what happened in this chapter was that Masaki came home and soon collapsed on a flor, with a deep hollow-like hole in her chest. Then Ryuuken took her and blindly run off to nowhere, met Isshin and then Urahara. That is it in a nutshell. Spoilers, huh.

Bleach Chapter 534 Masaki's hollow hole

Somehow this hole looks worse because it is Masaki. I mean, she is more alive than anyone around, it kind of painful to see her in that condition

How did it happen? I think I can answer that, more or less. You remember the big flashback about Aizen and Visored? Each of them started to transform into a hollow after they were wounded by a hollowfied soulreaper. It seems that this is how Aizen hollofication technology works. Hiyori was the first wounded and she was the first to transform. Soon after she wounded Shinji, he transformed too.

Now, what is going to happen to Masaki next? We have seen quite a number of hollowfications to guess. She is going to die. By that I mean that she will become like visored, same as Ichiro, Shinji and the rest of them. Technically,  they all have died (according to Aizen, anyway), some did it twice. I might be proven wrong by Kubo if he invents new rules. And that is not unlikely, cause the situation calls for something new to be put in.

Bleach Chapter 534 Urahara about Masaki

Will we learn something new about hollowfication, that we have not seen? I wonder.

This chapter made me change my opinion of Ryuuken a little. He showed deep concern for Masaki and went so far as to put her above the rules and order, which is a lot, coming from him.

Bleach Chapter 534 Ryuuken

She saved a shinigami, an enemy. I did not expect Ryuuken to be on her side after that. But here he is.

After Masaki collapsed, it was probably the worse moments in Ryuuken’s life. There was no way he could help her. Ryuuken’s personality is all about logic and calculation. But after seeing what was happening to Masaki he just took her and run blindly, with no purpose. He was overwhelmed.

Bleach Chapter 534 Ryuuken carries Masaki

No thinking, just run. It is something that I can imagine Ichigo doing. He’s even done that, at least once.

Bleach Chapter 534 Ryuuken carries Masaki

That was a touching scene. Too bad Kubo harried through it. He should have made this into two chapters.

I mentioned right above that I think that the chapter was hurried. I am talking there about the last few pages. Look at it. One moment Ryuuken is running, next panel there is a hollow, next there is Isshin and in a two pages there is Urahara. It is too fast.

Now, the last thing I want to talk about is Masaki herself. If she become one of the visored, how it will affect her? Nel said to Orihime that it puts a great burden on Ichigo. I assume it will be the same with Masaki. But, at the same time, it is hard to imagine Masaki in that sort of situation. Probably that is because she doesn’t take herself seriously. She lives in a family, that is clearly hostile towards her and yet she acts as if everything is fine. She doesn’t even put a tough act, like “I can deal with it”, she just assume that all is ok. So, it is hard to imagine her having an inner battle with her hollow. I don’t know, but I am very interested to see what is going to happen.

Bleach Chapter 534 Masaki


That was a great chapter with an unexpected plot twist. Hope the next one will be as good. see you then (^_^)/

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