Violence Jack 3

I finally finished this series of films. Not that it is something to be proud about. Before we go any further, I must put a warning here. Violence Jack contains extreme violence, nudity and rape scene, if you are young and impressive, you should not watch it. If you are old and cynical you probably should not watch it too, at it doesn’t worth your time anyway.

Violence Jack 3

Violence Jack 3, random screenshots

I still have my doubts about what the creators of the series wanted to make. A comedy? O horror? An action movie? I don’t know. The animation is too cheap for an action movie, there is not horror (though a lot of gore) and it is a bit too extreme to be a comedy. But well, they tried. In the third movie Jack was hit by a missile (and survived, of course), snatched a flying helicopter and  threw it on the ground; before all that he was shot by a dozen of men with machine guns, receiving a few thousand wounds, and recover in a few hours.

The third movie was like the combination of the first two. They used the same pattern: a gang kills men, violate women, and then there comes Jack and kills ’em all. The second one was somewhat more interesting, cause it was about underground community that had no way out. And one man turned into a monster, which was unexpected. Here all was very straight forward.

I heard people say that this anime is one of the wort ones from its time. I really hope so. I will try something else from the 80-s or 90-s and we will see how it goes. See you then (^_^)/

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