Aiura, episode 2.

There isn’t much to say about the second episode. Ayuko entered the same school as Saki and Kanaka, which was obvious from the start. For some reason her school have sells for shoes that are too high for her to access.

Aiura Episode 2 Ayuko is short

That is weird

Aiura Episode 2 Kanaka on her knees

That is weirder

The three girls are in the same class, which is also expected. So far they gave each other some nicknames and that was it. But the main point about this show is animation and nice feel, so I will post some pictures here to fill it up ^_^’ That probably is the best way to review this show. Just post pictures.

Aiura Episode 2 Chibi from the opening

Chibi from the opening

Aiura Episode 2 Crabs

Can you tell me,what is up with all those crabs?

Aiura Episode 2 Amaya, Kanaka; Iwasawa, Saki; Uehara, Ayuko


And that is it. Three minutes of cute animation. See you next time (^_^)/

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