Anime podcast of the week. April 23, 2013.

First of all, let me apologise for the lack of activity last few days. I had my hands full with my work lately. Sorry.

This week I brought you a series of really good reviews made by one of my favourite podcasters, Jahmere Durham and Mike Martinez, the two guys who make 2 Guys and a Mic podcast. I have to admit, I wanted to give a try to a some new podcasts this week, but those guys are so good at what they are doing, that I think it would be unfair if I chose some other podcast just for the sake of diversity.

2 Guys and a Mic podcast Mysterious girlfriend X

For this week I chose three review. First is a review of anime “Mysterious Girlfriend X”. That is rather a strange series, judging by the review, but I didn’t watch it, so I can’t say. Here is the link to the podcast – Mysterious Girlfriend X – 2GAM.

The second one is a review of Deadman Wonderland. Going from the review it is worth watching, but check out the review and see for yourself. here is the link – Deadman Wonderland – 2GAM.

The last one is a review Occult Academy. Even if you are not going to watch the show, you may want to listen to the review, as I did. The link – Occult Academy – 2GAM.

And some other news. This week we brought some happiness into the world of anime podcasts. If you listen to Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast you noticed that in their last episodes they were mentioning that their Facebook page almost reached 2,000 likes. Last weekend, when I checked it was 1,996 or something. I decided to give it a boost and posted the link to their page on one quite big anime group. They got their 2000 likes in 10 minutes. And in the last episode they mentioned that they reached that number at last and Chiaki said that she is happy ^_^ Let’s support our favourite podcasters in the little ways we can. See you next time (^_^)/

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