Naruto, chapter 628

New chapter of Naruto is out. Is it just me, or it is really out a bit earlier than usual? Not that I am complaining, or anything ^^

The new chapter was heavily action impacted. I guess Kishimoto wanted to reward the fans for going through the flashback, that many don’t like much. For me it was the opposite, as I liked the flashback more than what this fight. Not that I am not enjoying the fight scenes, and it would look even greater when they animate it.

Naruto Chapter 628 Sakura shannaro

Sakura approves of the action-impacted chapters ^_^
By the way, if you wonder what is this word she just said and you don’t want to google in, then I will do it for you, read right below:

Shannaro is, apparently, a catch word Sakura uses, when she is exited. Internet says that it can be translated as “Hell, yeah!” or something like that.

In this chapter people (and not people) used some new (and old) jutsu that I want to mention. The biggest one is that thin that the Ten tailes did. I don’t even know if that is a jutsu. Kurama named it Tenben Chii.

Naruto Chapter 628 Tenben Chii

When I was reading this I was like “It is going for what?.. What kind of English is that?..” There were a little too many Japanese wards in this chapter, for my taste.

Naruto Chapter 628 Tenben Chii

And here is how Tenben Chii looks like

From what we saw Tenben Chii is a jutsu that produces a massive explosion and causes hurricanes and lightnings to occur. The magnitude of the jutsu is overwhelming.

Also, Madara used Itachi’s jutsu, Yasaka Beads. Here:

Naruto Chapter 628 Madara Yasaka Beads

Look at the center of the picture. Itachi said that this is his most powerful long ranged attack.

Yasaka Beads, Itachi

Here is Itachi’s version

That shows that most of the Uchiha can use it, so we can expect Sasuke to learn it.

And the last jutsu from the chapter that I want to mention is this:

Naruto Chapter 628 Katon Bakufuu Ranbuu and Katon Gouka Mensugyaku

Katon Bakufuu Ranbuu and Katon Gouka Mensugyaku

There are just so many different Katon jutsu that does the same thing on a different magnitude, that I do not even try to remember the names. By the way, those two have a pretty decent magnitude:

Naruto Chapter 628 Katon Bakufuu Ranbuu and Katon Gouka Mensugyaku

That is insane

Also, in this chapter Naruto did some crazy things with his chakra. It seems that now he can manipulate chakra that he gave to others, which is over the top. But there are so many things that Naruto can do, that are over tha top, that I don’t even know if that is worth mentioning anymore.

Though, at some moment they showed that Naruto started to lose control over all those chakra bits. Frankly I don’t see how he was able to manipulate the chakra in the first place. Ok, I won’t talk about that now, I will make another post all about crazy chakra manipulation in latest chapters of Naruto. Not today, though.

Naruto Chapter 628 Chakra cloacks

I was so glad that at least something is not perfect about Naruto’s chakra control

And now, there are two panels left that I want to show to you. Look at that:

Naruto Chapter 628 Kakasi and Obito in a whirlpool

That is just bizarre

Can you tell me who did they do that? Did Kakashi suck in Obito and Obito did the same to Kakashi? Didn’t Obito say that this jutsu is not working on him, when he rescued Sasuke from Kakashi and Naruto?

And the last panel:

Naruto Chapter 628 Madara's incane grin

That is really, really bad. He totally lost his cool there. And that is a bad sign for him.

Hope you liked the chapter. There wasn’t much to talk about. Hopefully I will be able to post my reaction on Bleach tomorrow. And for those of you, who are wondering what happens to Shingeki no Kyojin reviews and other series, I will be there in a matter of days. Sorry. Till the next time (^_^)/

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