Aiura, episode 3.

I love this little show ^_^ Even though out of 3 minutes long episode the first minute is the opening and the last 20 seconds in the ending. Watching it just make you feel better for some reason.

Aiura Episode 3 Iwasawa, Saki

Random screenshot. I don’t even need to pick, there are so many well drawn scenes that I can just press PrintScreen button without looking and I will most likely get a good picture.

In this episode the girls had a quick test. Their new teacher gave them test sheets with only one question “Write your teacher’s name”. That was funny, and it got funnier when she picked the only student who was able to spell her name to be the class representative. Also, she managed to misspell her own name when she wrote it on the blackboard. I don’t know, I have a feeling that we a going to have some fun watching this teacher.

Aiura Episode 3 Yamashita, Sumiko

Yamashita, Sumiko, the teacher. Her face just shine with the zero amount of motivation that she has.

Aiura Episode 3 Yamashita, Sumiko and Mei Yanase

I have seen people like her in the real life and some of them are teachers, but I don’t remember checking out what they do in their classes. I wonder.

I am waiting for the next episode already. See you (^_^)/

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