Bleach, chapter 535

Just like with the last Naruto chapter, there isn’t much to talk about here. The chapter explained how Isshin and Masaki ended up together, and that is about it. But well, let’s look into it.

First of all, now we know how Kisuke was able to stop the hollowfication process. He used human souls and quincy arrows, inserting them into shinigami to make the hollowfication stop. By the way, where do you think he took the human souls from? It is not like you can make it in a lab.

Bleach Chapter 535 Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke Urahara used to kill humans. Just saying.

To save Masaki, Kisuke needed a shinigami soul. So essentially he had to use Isshin to save her, to binding them together. And that is it for their love story. It is not like either Masaki or Isshin displayed much feelings towards each other before. And now they are bound together for the life time. Can just imagine what Kisuke would say to Masaki when she wakes up.

Kisuke: ‘Hey there Masaki-san! We fixed your health problems for you.’

Masaki: ‘Thank you so much ^_^’

Kisuke: ‘But see, there is that one problem. See this dude over there?’

Masaki: ‘Yes, what about him?’

Kisuke: ‘Well, you will kinda have to live with him for the rest of your life.’

Masaki: ‘Ooookay, if you say so…… O_o” ‘

Ryuken: >.<

Bleach Chapter 535 Isshin and Masaki

I wonder what exactly Masaki thought at that moment. We, probably, will learn that from the next chapter.

Also I want to mention that Ryuken becomes my favourite character. Don’t know if he will get there, but he is heading in the right direction. I already like him lot more than Uryu. Too bad that after this flashback ends we will hardly see him.

Bleach Chapter 535 Ryuken

I wonder why I like his character. Maybe because he is smart, yet not a prick. I don’t know.

Bleach Chapter 535 Ryuken

Maybe that is because unlike Isshin he can see the situation through and all at once. Reality hits him straight to the face and he stands for it.

Though I can’t say that I like Isshin much less than Ryuken. He is awesome in his own way.

Bleach Chapter 535 Isshin Kurosaki

Yeah, that is want I mean

Bleach Chapter 535 Kisuke and Ryuken

Not that many people can make Urahara made this face.

I wonder what will come next. I hope that in the next chapter we will see a little bit of how Masaki and Isshin got along. Also, I would like to see Aizen part of the story. Also, we have yet to see Ichigo’s birth (and to learn who the *** is his real father, for heaven’s sake). But there is a good chance that the flashback will end there. Would be awful, but I wouldn’t put it past Kubo to do that. Till next time, see you (^_^)/

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