Death Note. Light, here is what you should have done.

All right, I finished watching Death Note. That is now one of my favourite anime. I even gave it 10 ranting on My Anime List, even though I didn’t plan to give it to any anime other than Slayers. I like this series a lot and because of that I have a lot to say about it. And in this post I am going to go through all the point where I believe Light Yagami did not do his best.

Light Yagami Death Note

I feel like Light isn’t going to appreciate this post

His first big sleep was way back when he let L know that he has an access to the information about the investigation. Right after Light learned that L read through his timings with the deaths and deduced that Kira is a student, he changed the time of the deaths, thus letting L know that he is connected to one of the members of the task force. What he should have done was… nothing. He should have gone on doing what he was doing. He might have inserted some unnecessary pauses in the killings, just to give L false trail, but the best policy would have been to lay still.

Light Yagami as a hight school student Death Note

“L challenged me, and I am going to beat him at his own game” – is that what you was thinking, Light Yagami?

The second big fail when Light let Mello get the Death Note. I understand that this was for the plot convenience, but whatever. Let’s say that there was no way to stop Soichiro Yagami from taking the notebook to Mello (which is unlikely). In that case what Light should have done is this. He should have made a copy of the real Death Note, then remove one or two blank pages from the real notebook, as well as several used up ones, and put them into the fake. At the moment of the exchange kidnappers would like to test the notebook. Soichiro would tell them that according to the rules you have to use pages in order, so they have to write the name on the first blank there is. This way all the culprits would ge will be two pages of the Death Note and, what is more important, there would be no way a shinigami would contact them. And if you remember, all the trouble that Light had in the last episodes were caused by Mello, who learned about the fake rules, and passed that information to Near. If Mello had only a few pages, the shinigami who gave him the information would not even come to him.

Light Yagami

All that trouble with being in prison for almost two month and giving up the Death Note for even longer time were put into nothingness by Mello. That feels bad, now, doesn’t it?

Next big mistake, that Light made was that he did not use Death Note to earn money and did not make himself a private army of a sort. He could have been dealing with criminals and such. You remember, in the last episode, when Light’s plan didn’t work, how pathetic it has been? And why is that? Because all that Light had, had been the Death Note and one single follower. If he had money and people, he could have arranged a back-up, just in case the first plan would fail. It wouldn’t be that difficult. Near was working with 3 people, and Light’s own team was only three people, besides Light himself. So, he probably could have used a brute force just to wipe them all out, without even using the Death Note.

Light Yagami as a good guy Death Note

“Teaming up with criminals? Me?..” Yes. I don’t think that your conscience would trouble you too much.

Next Light’s mistake that I want to bring up was his last one. I am talking about the meeting with Near and the plan to kill ’em all. The whole plan was cheesy. Starting with Teru Mikami. First, Light should have ordered him to get one page out of the notebook and have it with him, just in case. That way, if Near or Mello would suspect that the Death Note Mikami carries around is fake, and if they would do something smart to make Teru Mikami go for the real one, they won’t be able to get hold of the whole thing.

Second, the idea of Mikami killing them all on the spot was a failure. What he should have done was this. He should have taken the fake Death Note that Near made for him and written there all the names, including Light’s. Before that he should have send Light a message, containing Near’s real name. This way Light would have been proven to be innocent and in a matter of days he could have killed Near. Than he could have dealt with others.

Light Yagami, Death Note

“Still, it was a smart plan” Yeah, but way too risky

Now, another thing that Light did wrong, the last one, I think. He should have killed all the task force members in a car accident or something. Letting them live was what made it possible for Near to bring Light down. He could have made Mikami and people like him to become new members of the task force. That would have been a good shield for him, because having them around he would have been able to act openly.

Also, he should have made Mikami kill the person who was following him and then kill the bodyguard of Kiyomi Takada. That way there would have been only one man left that Near could use. And that would not make Near any more suspicious than he was already.

Light Yagami, Death Note, before the end

I hope you are not mad at me, for telling all this. Are you, Light?

Now I feel better after writing it all down. Next I am going to write about Near, Mello, and, maybe, L. Though L is so good, there isn’t much to write about. But well, we will see how that goes. See you next time (^_^)/

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7 thoughts on “Death Note. Light, here is what you should have done.

  1. He said he anticipated that Near would mess with the notebooks.. So he should’ve told Mikami to show up and shoot everyone that wasn’t him with an actual gun instead of using the notebook.

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