Gamaran, chapters 139-140. You pervert!

If you read Gamaran, chances are that you already laughed at this scene. If you don’t read it, here is a short preview for you. Back at the time when this manga was about a big tournament Gama was killing all the people around him, and it was going on and on. But at some point he found a couple of men who he was not able to kill. Those men are still around and they are one of the most threatening antagonists there. One of those men is Matsumoto Muraku. When we first saw him, he was kind of psycho with a blood lust (though, that is not that unusual for a shonen antagonist).

Gamaran Chapter 139 Matsumoto Muraku

That is Matsumoto Muraku, I was talking about

Well, now he returns into the story to confront Gama again. And first thing he does is killing one of his subordinates (which is normal in this manga) and says:

That is your punishment for privately attacking my beloved Gama-kun.

Really? O.o Well, okay, if he is on that side of the fence, as Misa Amane put that, that is fine. Just a little unexpected. I wouldn’t write this post if it would be for Gama:

Gamaran Chapter 140 Gama

Gama’s tsundere line

Gama, what are you doing? -_- Translators should have made it into “W-what are you talking about? You pervert!”, just for lolz.

I don’t know where does this go, but I hope it won’t go anywhere. But anyway, that is it, see you (^_^)/

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3 thoughts on “Gamaran, chapters 139-140. You pervert!

  1. I laughed my ass off on Gama’s response the first time I read this chapter. Matsumoto Muraku is surely the kind of pervert I wouldn’t ever want to meet. :lol:

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