“Take a peek”. New series here.

For a long time now I had this idea. There are many anime that I want to watch. And from my experience, watching one anime takes me a month at least. And I am speaking of 24-26 episodes long ones here. It is hard for me to imagine finding time to watch something bigger. But there are such anime, big one, that are just as good as the small ones. It makes me sad to think that I won’t be able to see them in years. So, I invented a plan how I can mend this problem a little bit.


I am going to make a series of posts where I will make a list of big anime and watch first 3-5 episodes of each, and write what I think about them (the last part is unnecessary, but that is what I’m gonna do anyway). So, here is the list that I devised so far:

  • Gintama
  • InuYasha
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  • One Piece
  • Prince of Tennis
  • Dragon Ball
  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  • Mobile Suit Gundam
  • Pokemon
  • Sailor Moon

I know that I usually have no time and this does not look like I this project will go smoothly, but still, let me try =) I am not going to rush it and it might go on for month and month, but, why not. We will see how it goes. See you (^_^)/

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7 thoughts on ““Take a peek”. New series here.

  1. Now that’s a good idea =)

    I have watched Inuyasha. It’s good but sometimes it gets boring. Even the fillers of this anime are funny and worth watching.

    I am watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I only watched 11 episodes and I would have dropped it if it wasn’t for someone telling me that it would get interesting after 30 episodes >:(

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